Friday, June 24, 2011

A short gaming experience for the ACE and a App game review


    I wasn’t able to make a detailed review of the gaming experience in the Samsung galaxy ace. So having found a game that I’m currently addicted to, here’s my take on the samsung galaxy ace gaming experience.

     The ace has a 800MHz processor, compared to low end android phones (with only 600MHz), this is supposedly to be faster. However, I am surprised with the game  Aqua Pets (I’m currently playing) and even Angry Birds, I experience lagging and errors such as needing to force close the application. With the game angry birds, most of the time it just lags (slow). Having found the game Aqua pets is both a blessing and a curse, haha. Blessing because the game is addicting, and a curse because It eats up the battery even more, needing to charge it twice a day. Well, for now it’s okay since I’m just home, but that would be a bothersome if I’m out of the house.



    Now, on to the game review. I was browsing through the Android market for app games, and I found Aqua pets. Aqua pets is a fishing and aquarium game for the Android. 


     At first, I was in it out of boredom but then I was getting OC in getting the magic scepter rod (which will be explained later on). There are 13 different rods to choose from, you get different kinds of fishes and other rare creatures, depending on the rod you use. Earning money, of course you have to fish by also using different baits. Better baits means better chances of getting rare and legendary creatures.




                       My aquarium, which you can also set as your live wallpaper


                                                             Auto rotate view

      You get to feed your fishes by buying pellets in the store section for only 20 coins good for 1 whole day use. Aside from that, there’s nothing more you can do than just feed them and just continue fishing and catching more rare and legendary creatures. The more you fish, you get to level up too which is required for some rods.

       What made it fun for me is my love for mermaids, LOL. I used all my pearls just to buy the magic scepter which can catch mermaids. Oh by the way, this app is free.

         Unfortunately, I always experience lagging and force close. But what I do is to tap the wait option instead. So far, that’s the only concern I have with the game when it comes to technical issues. As for playability. It can get boring since the only interaction is feeding them. In my case, is addicting because I want to collect all the mermaids.


         Till then!






  1. Ang cute naman ng game! And your phone's wallpaper! At may angry birds ka pa! Hehehe... Meron ka nung slashing the objects game? Forgot what it's called, lol...

  2. @Stacy: haha, it is cute, nakahanap rin ako ng matinong hello kitty wallpaper.

    as for the game, unfortunately, for the android it's not free. Free lang sa Iphone. Fruit ninja I think.

  3. some annoying lags are to be expected, the way i see it. for the best gaming experience, i think 1Ghz is the midrange CPU you can find. if you have money to spare, you can even grab a dual core.

    buti ka nga nakakapaglaro pa. the first person to have owned an android phone in the office only has his device at 800Mhz and yes, he can't install some games that requires tremenduous computing muscle.

  4. @john: john, hindi naman CPU pinag uusapan namin eh, cellphone. I'm getting a laptop and I'll try to find a dual core. I don't want a PC, not unless it's my own place na.

  5. i know, a cellphone processor is technically still a CPU, either that is Motorola CISC, Texas Instrument ARM, or Qualcomm Snapdragon. and just like desktop's computing power, some callphones are already sporting dual core, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy Sll, and LG Optimus Big. see how far cellphones have gone?

  6. @John: grabe, technology talaga these days are getting better and better, I didn't know that the galaxy sII is dual core already. Pero ang mahalia nung nag canvas kami for prices.

    this year laptop naman iinvest ko

  7. laptop? cool. been using a while plethora of laptops since 2000. my first one was Mitac na makapal as in, then followed by Twinhead na umiinit, then Compaq Presario na sirain yung right/left click, then IBM Thinkpad na boring, then Fujitsu na cutie at magaan pero mahal. these are the times na i am totting laptop and pda's too. Palm, Sony Clie, and Compaq iPaq.

    then nung lumipat ako ng work, Toshiba Satellites naman na matibay, maganda pero mahal pa rin. then bumili ako ng personal ko na Acer Aspire last 2005, hanggang ngayon buhay pa. ginawa kong desktop sa bahay.

    then followed by netbooks like HP Mini and Toshiba Mini, then Toshiba Portege.ngayon, MacBook Pro. so technically, sa lahat nang yun, lima palang ang laptop na galing talaga sa bulsa ko, lahat puro service units sa kompanya. bwahahaha.

  8. @john: ang sarap nun pag provided ng company, hahaha. Ang dami dami mong dala, di ba mac gamit mo now?

  9. actually, my service notebook sa company is a toshiba satellite kaso sobrang bigat. luma na kase eh, Satellite A205. ayaw pa palitan. tapos yung personal ko is MacBook Pro. minsan pagmay meeting sa labas, dalawang laptop bag dala ko, mukha tuloy akong pahenante or cartero. daming dala. kailangan dalhin toshiba, di ko naman maiiwan MacBook Pro ko kase ginagamit ko sa astronomy raket ko.

  10. plus, yung service notebook ko kase wala ako admin right, IT lang meron. so hindi ako basta nakakapag install ng apps. ;) kaya ganun din yung ibang tao sa office, minsan dala dalawa dala naming laptop. isang personal, isang service. bwahahaha.

  11. @John: Mahirap mahiwalay sa babies (gadgets)

    ang bigat nga nun, at least you can bring your own personal device sa office.

  12. oo teh, kaso hassle kase kailangan magsecure ng gatepass. kaya kung wala rin naman ako urgent na gagawin dun, iniiwan ko nalang sa locker ko.


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