Monday, July 18, 2011

Chowking: Chinese Style fried chicken~


   Quick food review…

     The night before the wedding, M and I met here in my place to have dinner, we didn’t really have a lot of choices and he asked me to choose where. I opted for Chowking because I’ve been meaning to try their Chinese style fried chicken for quite a while already. Also thinking that if they had free wifi, which unfortunately they didn’t (Chowking, Pasong Tamo). M had his usual Lauriat fish something, and even if he knows that I don’t and will never eat Buchi, he keeps on putting the Buchi on my plate.

      I ordered the 1 pc. chicken and I chose Nai cha for my drink (photos were taken with my Samsung galaxy ace phone)~

2011-07-15 19.57.01

2011-07-15 19.57.24

2011-07-15 19.57.41

2011-07-15 19.57.54

   First of all, I didn’t like the chicken part, I forgot to tell M which part I liked. It was a little bit salty and in my honest opinion, tasted like regular fried chicken which was almost a bit close to Jollibee’s chicken joy. The gravy was good though (not in the picture sorry). I think the price is well worth it, I got full without having to order anything extra. The portion size was quite big. The meal costs P79. Well, I am not expecting a lot, I’ll probably order this again but a different part this time.

    What makes me addicted to Chowking is their Nai Cha, chicharap and Chao fan rice.

     I put the puppies in my room that night, so that I can play with them. I think tabby is curious about them~

2011-07-15 13.17.18

                                What are you looking at Tabby?

2011-07-15 13.17.56

2011-07-15 13.17.33

                I iz looking at the kittehs mommeh, are they pood? XD – LOL!



      Any favorites at Chowking? share?



     Till then!




  1. Sis, I tried the Chinese style Fried chicken. If Chinese style meant "very salty" then it tasted like one. I didn't like it very much after one try. I have to agree that their Chao Fan (particularly chorizo rice) is addicting along with their Tofu! Sobrang sarap.

  2. sayo ba tong bahay na napasukan ko? ibang iba ah... bwahahaha.

    kala ko pa naman masarap yung chowking manok na yan, kase todo marketing hype sila. di na raw kailangan ng gravy sa sarap, naririnig daw bawat kagat, and all.

  3. @Chew On This: I think your right, it's not uberly salty, na bbalance ng gravy. Pareho tayo, I love their chorizo rice sobra!

    @john: bahay? you mean my blog? hahaha. yep, i changed it. I like it better~

    oo nga eh, diba? masarap daw kahit walang gravy, pwe! false advertising is what i call it. no offense~

  4. For some reason, I actually like Chowking's chicken better than Jollibee. :D I think it's crispier and tastier.

    LOL at Tabby. :)

  5. @catmare: I like their gravy. I'll try their chicken but different part naman.

  6. i only order shanghai, siopao, halo-halo and siomai from chowking.


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