Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Wedding–how my weekend was spent


    Happy feel good Sunday everyone! Yesterday, M and I attended our Friends wedding somewhere in BF Paranaque. The wedding was simple but very heartfelt, finally they are married and can share their lives together as husband and wife.

     M’s dad gifted him a nice car for his birthday a few months ago, it may not be new but at least he has his own already. And finally, yesterday, my man was able to drive me around. I arrived early, a few minutes later M arrived with his car and I had a huge smile on my face. Seeing him learn and drive his car is another achievement for him. M was E’s best man, he couldn’t pick me up at my place since he had to be early. I took a taxi from Makati all the way to Paranaque, I told the driver to take the route to SLEX. It was a very hot weather that day~

2011-07-16 07.39.20

2011-07-16 07.48.44

                                                            Toll fee is P75

2011-07-16 07.50.26

                                                           Along Sucat highway~


   Waiting for M to arrive. I didn’t wear a dress for the wedding because my black cover top got lost.

2011-07-16 08.09.35

   As soon as M arrived, we decided to grab a quick breakfast at Jollibee. Along the streets of BF, they really have nice restaurants around AANNDD, I also saw a Serenitea but I wasn’t able to take a picture.


                                                                   M driving~

For breakfast here’s what we had…



                                                                     M’s order~


   I ordered the 5pc chicken nuggets rice meal, which also comes with a Captain America toy. They also have a barbeque sauce, but it’s not as dense as compared with Mcdonald’s, but almost tastes the same. I gave the voice activator to my Nephew.




     As soon as we finished we went back to the church, I took some photo’s along side BF homes.

2011-07-16 09.05.04

                                                            A’ veneto pizzeria~

2011-07-16 09.07.31

    I definitely felt safe with my man’s driving, he kept reminding me: “babe, check your door, babe lock your door, babe put your seat belt on”. LOL! I thought all along that he was showing off his driving skills, but at the end of the day, he admitted that he was nervous throughout our travel. In fairness, he’s a good driver.

2011-07-16 09.10.42

2011-07-16 09.10.59

2011-07-16 10.33.58

2011-07-16 10.34.12


     The sermon of the priest taught me a thing or 2. Most photo’s were taken after the wedding and during the reception.




                            On our way to the reception at Nestle and Flora~

      We liked their idea of how they named each table for the guests, it was unique. M and I are thinking of adapting the same, hehe. Their theme for food was Japanese, simple dishes but very flavorful.





                                         Bride and Groom – Joy and Edwin

        They’re great people to be with. M and E share the same passion, while J and I may not be that close, she’s really nice and a great baker too.




                         Super yummy cake. The icing was soooo good~


    The cake is fluffy and light, icing was not that sweet and the fruits tasted fresh. The only piece left from the 2 layered cake.


       The Wedding may not be grand but in my perspective, things still went well and we felt that they are happy. This couple has definitely been through a lot of trials, which is why I really admire them. They’ve been together longer than M and I have.




    After the wedding, we went to SM Sucat to buy some stuff and because I was still craving for TURK’s, we grabbed a quick bite.



     Traffic yesterday was really bad, I think it has something to do with the SALE. Even going to Ortigas was really traffic (bumper to bumper).


                                                                      M’s baby~

          So, that’s pretty much how I spent my weekend yesterday, when I got home, my sister was so sweet to give me pasalubong. Tokyo Tokyo’s California Maki.




    Weddings are beautiful and heartfelt, I don’t find it cliché’ as how to some people may describe it. It may be just a celebration, but for a woman it is the most important event that will happen only once in her life. M and I definitely need to save up a lot if I want to have a good wedding. Everything is so expensive, yikes!


    Till then!


  Meow.. Meow..


  1. Yay for new car :D I'm sure there will be more road trips and adventures in store for you two <3

  2. Can totally relate to M. Driving gives a feeling like no other, it's a great way to learn how to be independent and self-reliant :) Will you be learning to drive too Kate? ;)

    Also, I was able to meet Lady E at the Supersale Bazaar yesterday. I got Steady As She Rose na haha :D Hope to meet you soon too! :)

  3. ok lang un. tipid ka na sa MUA at makeup!

  4. looks like you had fun! :) you and M make a really cute couple dear. :3

  5. @kate: thanks kate, i hope so too :)

    @kari: i suppose so, as for me taking driving lessons, i'm not too sure about that, haha. kind of scared i guess.

    yeah, i saw your picture in our hyphen fb page, you were so sweet daw. I hyope to meet you soon too :)

    @E: haha. kasama ka sa entourage!

    @sugar: we did, awww, thanks sugar :)

  6. seryoso sa pagmamaneho si MB pero ikaw ang likot mo, hahaha.

    itagaytay, baguio, at pagudpod na yan.

  7. @john: oo, kwento ako ng kwento, walang comment siya.

    yep, tagaytay muna kami ulit! hehe~

  8. Tokyo Tokyo has inexpensive California Maki ; )


  9. i like jollibee's longganisa meal!


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