Monday, August 15, 2011

Food talk: Yummy Roast~


    Food review…

    In my previous post, I mentioned about Yummy Roast, It was actually M who discovered this place along with his best friend Jon. They offer unlimited rice, there are 2 kinds, the plain rice and the YUMMY rice! I ordered the pork belly, M ordered chicken roast, both for P99 only, add P20 if we want the yummy rice and P35 for bottomless ice tea or soda. PANALO!

   2011-08-13 11.23.39





   My order


   M’s order





    The pork belly was sooo soft, all meat. M said he will order this next time. It had no special taste really, but for the price you are paying and considering the size pieces for only P99? It’s not really that bad. Unlimited rice pa!


     Now on to the rice, it was sooo flavorful. Being a critic, when I unwrapped the paper I was skeptical. How can this be a yummy rice? I first tried the rice alone, no soysauce whatever and my jaw dropped. YUMMY NGA! LOL! But seriously, it was so yummy. It had some asian spices, and probably chicken broth. I haven’t tried authentic chicken rice, but for this one, it didn’t disappoint. Martin describes it as, kanin pa lang ulam na!

     His roast chicken was not bad either. It was pretty good. M says don’t try their asado because it tastes bland.




2011-08-13 11.23.18


   Overall experience…

    All of them are really friendly, they noticed that I was taking pictures and asked me if I wanted our photo taken. The place is nothing special, but it’s quaint and we didn’t need to raise our hands to ask for extra rice or drinks, they were very attentive. I hope they keep it that way. Yummy Roast is an asian inspired food joint, next time I will try their pasta. I definitely recommend their yummy rice!


  Yummy Roast, SM Bicutan



    Till then!





  1. i was able to try yummy roast too, but wasn't too happy with their serving. or perhaps i am just used to buffet that i expected a lot of restos to give me same monster quantity. :)

    i wish they have unlimited pork belly too. we call it "mutok matok", creatively urbanized work for "putok batok" because that's what happens if you go beyond your limit. :)

  2. @john: ganun? masyado atang high ang expectations mo. hehe, ako personally, I was satisfied naman. Haha, LOL at putok batok line, but true.

  3. youre from the south din pala, kitten? i see kasi this branch always, lagi ako sa SM BIcutan eh. and ive always been wanting to try dining there. thanks for the nice feedback. yayayain ko si hubby dun next time, for sure. ;)

  4. @gita: ay no, the BF is the one from the south. Ah talaga? kami rin eh, we frequent SMB more than SM Sucat, mas maraming choices there. Looking forward for your post about it. Most welcome :)


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