Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend: Saturdays spent with M~


    Hello dear readers! Happy Monday, I hope that everyone had a well rested weekend.

    My Saturdays are usually spent with M and Sundays with the family. Last Saturday, was a laid back weekend for me and M, we stayed at his place and watched Schindler’s list and played my favorite game on his PS3 Mortal Kombat.

2011-08-13 09.32.07

                                        Bag of the day

   Which I don’t usually bring because it’s transparent and we used to commute.

2011-08-13 09.32.24

    We first went to his office to drop something off, his colleague was doing over time that day so they discussed some things before we left.

2011-08-13 10.00.02

   M driving, compared to the first time he drove me to our friend’s wedding, he definitely improved a lot!

2011-08-13 09.59.50

                                Somewhere along Pasong Tamo~


     Us outside the office, painting the town RED! LOL! If you can notice, there is something in my right eye, a small pimple grew on my right eye lid, haha!

     On our way to SM Bicutan, because toll is freaking expensive, we drove at service road instead.

2011-08-13 11.04.16

2011-08-13 11.07.09

       And because it was traffic, I took some vain shots of myself. LOL!

2011-08-13 11.07.28

2011-08-13 12.02.04-1

2011-08-13 11.23.39

                                      Food find! review to follow~

     As soon as we got to his place, I asked if we can play MK (mortal kombat) first, right after we watched already. But of course, no movie is complete without chips. M is very pihikan with chips, I just bought the Clover in BBQ flavor which I ate alone. He prefers Tater’s BBQ popcorn or nachos D:

2011-08-13 18.44.14


2011-08-13 15.28.21

    The house where Amoen Goeth stayed and killed people mercilessly T_T

    It wasn’t my first time to watch The Schindler’s List, I just wanted to watch it again. Next time, M suggested that we watch Band of Brothers. Their “yaya” Ate Jol and her kids were there that day, it was merienda time and there was enough spaghetti sauce left for me… I mean for US to eat. M’s mom makes THE best pasta sauce EVAR!


    It was quite masebo, but soooooooo GOOD! Just like the first time I tasted Tita’s spaghetti. I was a little disappointed with M’s birthday a few months ago, because the pasta tasted different. Ate Jol told me because minadali ang luto that time.


    After merienda, M’s mom called and asked if we can pick her up at Cash and Carry Makati. On our way, M and I were having a good laugh along Paranaque in France road when the most unfortunate thing can happen. The gas pedal wasn’t working, so we had to move aside. We didn’t know what to do, and there was no talyer insight. But this kind man, pulled over, a red car and wearing a red shirt too! helped us. M got schooled, LOL! But he was very very thankful. He was the only guy who was kind enough to pull over and help us and his name is Lawrence. Thank you Lawrence :)

     We didn’t risk going forward so we just texted Tita that we’re going back instead (sayang)

2011-08-13 17.53.22

                                    Calling for help! HELP!

     Anyway, we had a simple dinner at his place, his mom brought some crabs and Ate Jol cooked some hotdog for the kids, us included. LOL!



   Since taking the car was risky, we commuted going to my house. Somewhere along Buendia there’s a gas station, and we grabbed some drinks first before riding a jeep (PRC).



    And of course, it is never complete without squeezing and playing with Tigger, his fat cat!

2011-08-13 12.43.16

   And a cute cat near a sari sari store, it was late already and I couldn’t take a decent picture since the cat kept on moving (cleaning himself).

2011-08-13 22.39.54

2011-08-13 22.40.42


   My blog seems to be a diary of some sort, aside from beauty, food and gadgets, I like sharing posts like these. More posts to follow~



    Till then!





  1. he is so pihikan with chips? hahaha. we're somehwta different. i can be pihuikan with food but not on chips. my movie time chip are just mang juan chicharon, corn bits, and cheese rings. :)

    hope you get the car fixed para you can go back to tagaytay.

  2. Bag of the day

    Which I don’t usually bring because it’s transparent and we used to commute. -LOL. shoshal na ngayon. may service na!

    At soshal din si M! Taters pa ang gusto!

    So that's what happened to you guys! But it's a good thing that it's only the gas pedal. Wag lang ung break! Sheesh, I'm really too busy that it takes me a long time to visit your blog! Nahuhuli na ko sa balita! Anyway, keep safe!

  3. @john: Oo, all of the chips I like except tortillos he doesnt like at all. cheese rings is sarap too! Yes, you are pihikan with food.

    it seems we won't be having a vacation this year :(

    @e: LOL! haha, sira, pag may date lang naman. Naku, sinabi mo pa.

    yeah, buti na nga lang. buti rin naitabi pa sa gilid ang car. Yes, you are so busy :(
    you take care too~


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