Friday, August 19, 2011

A new found love and other tiny things


   I love Chowking’s Nai cha, let me rephrase that, I AM ADDICTED to Chowking’s Nai chai, LOL! I was at Shopwise, Makati earlier and looky what I found!





    C2 MILK TEA! and I just bought one bottle! Sucks! What sucks more is that they don’t have it in a bigger bottle, bitin! It doesn’t compare to the nai cha, but this deems worthy in my list. It tastes simple, literally tastes like milk and tea, but my taste buds approve of it. Whatever tea they used was really good. If you know the chocolate milk tea being sold at 711, that one I didn’t like at all. It smells like the Montagne chocolate mask.

     Among other tiny things are bought are these



      I’m curious how the espresso coffee and wow meatballs would taste like, will try them tomorrow.

      The C2 Milk tea is definitely my new found love~


      For your viewing pleasure, someone wants me out of the bed


                            Our baby panda monkey bear!


       Till then!





  1. the rise of the planet of the panda. ;) nagsisimula na sila dear. :) to rule over your world. ayan, pinalayas ka na sa kama mo.

  2. c2 milk tea?? i havent seen that in the grocery :P

  3. @john: hahaha, oo nga eh, mamaya mag sasalita na rin siya. LOL!

    @pinkcookies: yes, its good. I think they are still testing this out. I bought this at shopwise, and they only have small bottles and only a handful.

  4. i love Nai cha too! there's this bottled milk tea i buy at 7-11, i forgot the name ec it's chinese. but it taste like Nai cha din. thanks for sharing this. I ddnt even know my milk tea na din ang C2! awesome!

  5. interesting. c2's jumping into the milk tea bandwagon ha.

  6. What a sweet little puppy! :3

    As for the milk tea - I definitely have to grab a bottle for myself! I love milk tea!

  7. @thepinaysolobackpacker: most welcome dear~

    @salmoncat: yeap! I hope hit siya so I can buy it everyday

    @midge: thanks, you and me both for the tea!


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