Friday, August 19, 2011

NBI Clearance


   Applying for requirements such as SSS, TIN is easy, NBI clearance is the hardest specially when you have to start from scratch all over again and especially when the security guard at Robinson’s Galleria tells you to go back tomorrow because you didn’t make the cut off. And when you get back the next day early in the morning around 4am the sign says Holiday in QC, no NBI clearance for today. I will not say that the guard is incompetent, because probably he was not informed. But they should have put a sign post yesterday that they are closed due to the holiday right?

    2011-08-19 03.53.39

     Along Makati Avenue around 3:30 am, I was hoping I could take the bus but there was no jeep nor bus in sight.

2011-08-18 12.42.12

2011-08-18 12.42.03

    Taken yesterday, what renewal are you talking about? The one at Parksquare and Megamall is already closed. When I got to Galleria, I noticed other people was also bummed out about the announcement, good thing we (all 8 of us) decided to take a taxi going to the main NBI branch at UN Avenue. First time I rode a taxi with strangers with the same purpose. LOL!

     What I liked about the main branch is that there’s a separate line for men and women, make sure you arrive really early or else you won’t make the cut off.

2011-08-19 05.00.27

  The first 2 steps were a bit “fast” (data check and payment P115). Then the longest wait was for step 3 encoding, but once your inside the encoding room, it only takes less than 10minutes to finish encoding, to finger print (biometrics), picture taking and printing. Good thing they no longer use the mano-mano finger print with ink. While waiting for step 3, we stayed at the gym and I was surprised to see a projector, to keep us entertained. The movie was don’t mess with a zohan.

2011-08-19 08.05.12

2011-08-19 08.54.00


    The first time I got my clearance, I had a HIT and had to go back. I was actually worried if I’ll get a hit again, and thank you lord, I didn’t. For TIN number, the first time I got it is in the branch near my previous work at Pasig. For the SSS number, you have to look for the branch where you live. I got mine along J.P Rizal. I was able to accomplish a lot today, I start work on Monday next week as Marketing Assistant, In God’s grace, thank you~

     I hope this somehow helped Smile


     Till then!





  1. oh wow you went to the main one! looks nicer there haha. and I agree, for all that waiting, it takes you a little less than an hour for everything else! hay pilipinas.

  2. i learned a lot from this post:

    first, the park square NBI is gone? for good?

    second, the NBI Main branch is located at UN Avenue now? and not at Cariedo?

    lastly, they have projectors now with "now showing?" :)

    asensado sila dear.

    good luck on monday. make sure to look good on your heels. :) head to heels. :)

  3. congratulations! all your hard work paid off.. rest ka na. it has been a long day pala for you. ;)

  4. @kari: I had no choice eh, the place is pretty big.

    @john: I'm not sure if it's for good, may binago na kasi sa clearance, may barcode na.

    a year ago pa wala na sa carriedo.

    Oo, biruin mo yun? sobrang asenso na sila, at pinagmamalaki nila biometrics 0__0

    @gita: thanks sis, it did. have a great weekend too :)

  5. looks better na nga.. the last time, i got my first and last NBI clearance was way back 2002 papa.. haha for my job application at BDO. sa kiosk lang at parksquare makati..
    walang pila.. pero ngaun wala na sya =(

  6. kate dear!thanks so much for this post. now, i know where to go...

  7. sinasaliksik ko to, kaya alam ko na reason dito. hindi pala ni-renew ang kontrata ng dating IT service provider ng NBI. kaya back to zero sila.

  8. @john: may binago sila kasi, di ko naman pwede ipost NBI ko, hehe.

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  10. ask ko lang po kung what time po kayo naka dating dun sa NBI - UN ave. and mga what time po start ng pila. Pupunta po kasi ako dun this Monday. Thanks. ^^

  11. @patrick: Mga 4 ako nakarating dun, but they say 2pm may pila na. I suggest you arrive early and don't wear slippers. Good luck :)


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