Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Morning and Family


    Happy Sunday everyone! Just wanted to share with you how my Sunday went today. We attended service first at BREAD, Greenbelt 1, the service had a nice message (as always) and personally, I would prefer service than a boring mass at church.

2011-08-07 12.40.22_edit0

2011-08-07 12.49.40

    Right after service, we went to Legaspi Market, mom wanted to buy those burger patties from Monster burger for breakfast tomorrow. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the burger we ate (sorry). My mom walks so fast, as if she’s in a hurry, I wasn’t able to look around and take other pictures from different stalls as well.

2011-08-07 13.24.19

2011-08-07 13.24.10

    The patty was good, really juicy, right beside Monster burger was this Russian stall which I find interesting…

2011-08-07 13.26.05

2011-08-07 13.31.17

2011-08-07 13.31.25


     I’m a sucker for food photos, unfortunately, my siblings didn’t cooperate with me. I wanted to take a picture of all of our drinks together, LOL! So, I just took mine.


                                  Mom, me and nephew Tyler



      Took some photos while waiting for our food. It’s nice to have markets like these, It didn’t look jampacked which I think my blogger friend John will like, hehe. As for food, It seems that there wasn’t a lot to choose from, but there were a couple of stalls that caught my interest. In case you see a seller of Nacho’s with dips, I recommend you buy it if you’re a fan of nachos. Their home made salsa was yum~ I didn’t notice that the t-shirt I’m wearing was the same color as the table cloth they used. LOL!

    There was also a store that sells Japanese slippers, which I saw on our way out. I so want to buy those, maybe next time either with M or with my sister Amanda.

2011-08-07 14.00.09

                                           Almost home~


                                              Krispy Kreme’



2011-08-07 14.50.41

                                            During lunch~


     Well, that’s about it! Hope your Sunday went well too. Thank you Lord~



     Till then!





  1. Japanese slippers as in the wooden ones that people wear with kimonos? :D

  2. looks like you had fun! i soooo feel you on having an uncooperative family with food pictures hahaha! x(

  3. @[pinkc00kies]: yep :)

    @kari: i saw a wood one color black ang wood tapos nice ang color ng ribbon.

    @sugar: yep, hahaha, i know your sisters are funny.

  4. comparing the legaspi market with salcedo market, alin ang mas marami choices and mas marami masasarap na food.

  5. @john: yung pinuntahan namin, looks so small, but my sister says that I haven't roamed around that much, pero ang konti talaga. I haven't been to the other one yet eh.

  6. Malaki ang salcedo market john but everything is pretty expensive. good thing you don't cook. the organic vegetables there are ginto! ang pretty ni amanda dun sa donut! wahahahaha!

    Like i've said, sana tumingin ka sa taas. Nandun lang ako sa tabi-tabi. Hahahaha! Maybe I'll see you tomorrow at Bread. Miss you Katey!


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