Sunday, December 05, 2010

Product review: Mineral flowers body butter


   One of the other things that I won at Phoebe’s Sweet november contest was the Mineral flower body butter. The first time I tried it, I was in a hurry so I didn’t enjoy the benefits of the product, but today, I took a loooong shower and used the body butter and I’m Impressed. It turned me to a Mineral flowers convert.

What the product says:

Multi function butter for dry, very dry and damaged skin with a great blend of flowers, water abd wax of Almond blossom. Provides long lasting moisture leaving skin naturally soft, smooth, supple and nourished Helps repair, restore and promote healthy skin renewal. An effective solution for dry skin patches, cracked heals, nappy rashes on babies, allergy rashes, even eczema and psoriasis, restoring and protecting seriously dry skin on rough areas like elbows and knees.



   Since I just won this, I have no idea how much this costs, but I’m pretty sure you ladies already have an idea since it is available in Watson’s stores. Next time I’ll buy the lotions.


  This is how it looks like inside, it does look and feel like butter when applied.

mineral flowers


One of the unique ingredients of this product is dead sea water, which claims to make skin soft like a baby and mine sure did feel like it. It makes your skin soft like nobody’s business. Looks like I found my Holy Grail when it comes to making my skin ever so soft.

In conclusion….


  • Very lovely packaging
  • for the price it is so worth it, I checked online how much the body butter costs and it’s around P650, for the quality it has I think it is worth it’s tag price.
  • made my skin silky smooth – and that’s just the body butter, what more if you paired it with body lotion.
  • made my skin silky smooth like nobody’s business. haha! 
  • for the almond and carob wax – it has a very neutral scent when applied
  • has 3 kinds for different skin types: sensitive, dry and combination

I think you can sense that this product sure is a RAVE for me!


  •  NONE!

I saw that they have a facial wash too, I am so excited to buy one as soon as I get my 13th month. I may as well buy the travel kit too. The rose and geranium range is the one for people with combination skin, meaning dry to oily.

I’m happy I got the chance to try this wonderful product, now, it’s part of my basic needs already. I know I always see these when I’m the megamall branch of Watson’s but never paid attention to it until today. Definitely a must bring for the travel!

My Verdict: 5/5 kikay points 

I definitely recommend this to everyone, specifically the body butter.

Till then!




  1. Ooh! I want to try this but I have so many body lotions to finish up, haha. I got the almond travel kit when it first came out, because I loved the smell. I lost the facial wash though :( but from what I remember it doesn't lather up as much and is a liquidy-gel type. Cleaning power is decent though. I repurchased a full-size version of their day cream, it absorbs pretty fast and isn't too much for my skin.

  2. @Kari: You should, it does feel like butter, super soft. I'm on a hunt for a good facial wash for the oilies and I found they have a facial wash, I'm still undecided if I will buy the rose facial wash or the neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser.

  3. Ang mahal kasi ng products nila that's why I haven't tried it yet.

  4. @Lady E: yeah, i checked the prices, may kamahalan talaga, pero the body butter is good.

  5. wat is ur contact no. or do u have a store or boutique? my auntie interested fr.hawaii?


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