Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty talk: Watson’s Sakura Bella



   Watson’s beauty and personal care is definitely haven for me or for other ladies as well. The BF just smiles at me every time we visit this place because he says that I look like a kid lost in a candy store, haha. And when I saw the Sakura Bella set up near the entrance, I was like WOW, all so pink and pretty. Sorry, I’m a sucker for anything pink stuff more especially anything related to Japan – like cherry blossoms.

    Finally, I was able to buy the Sakura Bella body scrub, so here’s my thoughts/ review about it.


DSCN2077  DSCN2082

     Other products from Sakura Bella:

20110126093008_SakuraBella2 (1)           * image taken from the net


     Good thing they have testers readily available for the curious ones like me, I tried the lotion, it was okay, shower gel not so much, and since I needed to pamper myself, I wanted the scrub, obviously I bought the big bottle for P169.

    I never really buy the watson’s products, not even the grape bella, but this definitely caught my fancy. Now moving on to the actual review…

   Kitty says…

   The scrub definitely has a lovely smell, though it’s not that strong as I would personally like it, but it’s still good. Same goes for the lotion, maybe that’s why I didn’t buy it. I need extra moisture for the body and with the sakura lotion it was very light. But I think it would be perfect for summer. The beads/granules were quite big, but it doesn’t hurt when lathering up the scrub in your whole body. It’s not that sharp so that’s good for people who have sensitive skin.



  •   fairly priced
  •   has travel size packs – just in case you want to try it out first or buy as gifts
  •   lovely packaging
  •   moisturizing – my skin feels silk smooth and M approves of it
  •   smells wonderful


  • NONE!


      I’m definitely sold with this product, and I recommend it to those who haven’t tried it.

     Of course rule of thumb, after scrubbing put on lotion and use 1 or twice a week. Well, I guess every one knows that already. haha~ Now my concern is, is this a limited product only? I noticed they come out with different products per season. First was the Grape bella, then the Sakura bella. I hope even if they come out with a new product, they will still have the Sakura bella on their shelves.


      Till then!




  1. I'd love to grab a bottle of the shower gel, but I haven't opened the Body Shop sakura shower gel my sister gave me for Christmas!

  2. @Midge: maybe when you run out of your body shop shower gel. hehe.

  3. my Sakura Bella is running out! Ang susunod ko is the Happy Clinique Body Wash which was part of the set I bought in December. I was also satisfied with the Sakura Bella scrub. There are still some leftover GrapeBellas in Watsons. Sana ituloy tuloy na nila tong Sakura Bella.

  4. @lady e: nice! didn't know Clinique had body scrubs, kala ko perfume, make-up and facial care lang.

    I'm not a fan of the grapebella, ako rin, i hope tuloy tuloy na.

  5. I'll try this next time. I love the grapebella line. check out my review here:


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