Saturday, October 22, 2011

New: Chowking’s Lauriat fried rice


  Hello everyone! For this post, this is something I know everyone knows already, but I still think it’s worth sharing. We’re all familiar with the Chinese fast food giant right? (Chowking) Well, this time they got “better” (improved in a good way and I hope this time it’s long term).

   Last night, M and I met up for dinner before going to our friend’s place to have our “weekly” Friday gaming session. He recommended that we eat at Chowking again and try their sweet and sour pork, only to find out that they now have chinese fried rice with their lauriat. Service also has become a lot faster, and now the branch at Alpha land is 24hours. Martin say’s that it’s the same for all Chowking branches. Aside from the chinese fried rice, I noticed that their pansit tasted waaaay better (in other terms, pansit pa lang ulam na). The pansit was that good, and much bigger in serving portion.

  Left over photo…


    My order – breaded fish lauriat P135 (regular drinks)



    Martin’s order – sweet and sour pork lauriat (not more than P150)



   In essence, there is nothing really spectacular about the fried rice, but it is something that M and I truly enjoyed. Lauriat got better with fried rice!

    We also ordered wanton noodle soup, the cabbage gave the soup some added flavor and the siomai also tasted much more flavorful (or it could be just my taste buds, hehe)



   For our money’s worth, (well, technically M’s money) we definitely are happy and full customers last night.


                                                HAPPY WEEKEND FOLKS~


          Till then!




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