Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food find: Zaifu Japanese Restaurant


It’s the start of the long weekend, and my officemates and I decided to have lunch outside last Friday. Almost all of us had tried Wild Ginger, except one of our officemate, well, that was the original plan, until Ms. Carmella, Judy and I changed our minds (haha). One of our officemate recommended that we try Zaifu’s Chicken Terriyaki, the price was worth it and she was right.

I was not in the mood for chicken that day, so I decided to try their Pork chicken curry and bottomless ice tea.

2011-10-28 12.12.47


2011-10-28 12.09.38

                                                 Bottomless ice tea for P65

   The thing about this place is (first impressions), we all thought that this was an expensive Japanese restaurant only to find out we were wrong. The prices here are pretty reasonable, considering the location (almost everything seems expensive at Power Plant). Although, they have a 10% SC of P107.50 plus additional vat of P115.18

  All of us enjoyed our meals, so it safe to say that Zaifu is a winner! For my order, I liked it a lot! The curry was just right and I ended up so full. I thought that the pork pieces would be fried, like the curry rice at Teriyaki Boy, but it wasn’t. Personally, I would’ve liked it fried! (hehe). But even if it wasn’t, it was still filling!

2011-10-28 12.12.57

2011-10-28 12.52.00

The interiors are homey, the staff are pretty fast (except for what happened to our other officemate – she’s vegetarian) her order took a while to be served in the table.

2011-10-28 12.07.31

2011-10-28 12.07.52

2011-10-28 12.08.08

2011-10-28 12.08.31

2011-10-28 12.09.07

                              Condiments you can expect

2011-10-28 12.09.49


My overall experience with Zaifu was well worth it! I’m definitely going back for more, to try out their other dishes.

If anyone has tried Ziafu, I would love to hear your recommendations~


   Till then!





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