Monday, October 31, 2011

Cats are on Vacation too


It’s not only the hoomins that are on vacation, the cats are on vacation as well. This photo was taken yesterday before lunch.

*note: I don’t own these cats, they just love to lounge in the area or sometimes…. steal our food in the table (they manage to get in the house).

  I rarely see them all together in one place, so this was really a pleasant sight yesterday. It’s the Mafia Cats! hehe


The mother is the tri-colored cat, yes, that’s all of her huge ass babies. The neighbor upstairs is the “owner”. One of their siblings died though :(

  I saw it one morning crushed infront of our house T_T

  Anyway, as I was taking photo of the new Asian Secrets soap, someone rudely butt in the shoot


My Tabby! a very dirty Tabby, he’s scheduled for a shower today and have to cage him for a while (super pasaway).

Will blog about the Asian Secret in a separate post. Happy Monday everyone~



   Till then!





  1. Those cats are cute! Natawa ko sa Mafia Cats! If only I don't have an asthma, I'd probably have some cats too :)


  2. @yedy: yeah, they are, their so big. Awww, yun lang.

    Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Mafia Cats... so what are they planning to hit on today. Neighborhood kitchen heist?

  4. hello mafia cats! poor sibling cat who died. Tabby wants his bath na, he thought the soap's his.


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