Sunday, October 09, 2011

Some back logs and Yesterday’s Weekend~


  Weekend is almost ending and back to work again, another busy week ahead, but thankfully it’s payday week! WOOT! I have quite a lot of back logs, and frankly find it hard to make reviews again. I suppose my blog will now be more of a journal of some sort.

   A few Sundays ago (of last month) before the event, I was cramming in search of a Greecian-like blouse, which was the theme. The whole morning was spent hunting at places like, Glorietta, SM Makati and Landmark. I did find some pieces but I didn’t want to exceed my 1,000 peso budget (I’m cheap that way). I was so tired that I needed to cool down and this is what I had…..

2011-09-18 11.57.52

                              Never fails to give me that mmmmmmm moment…

      For lunch I was around Landmark area already and decided to try out TOSH, since E, recommended that we try their pizza. It was actually my second time, my first was with my M, and we didn’t like what we ordered. But during my own food adventure, it was well worth the second time.

2011-09-18 12.51.28

2011-09-18 12.56.59

2011-09-18 13.05.07

    I tried their Philly cheese steak pizza and had to wait for 15mins, and it was indeed worth the wait. Good thing they have by the slice, for a slice I think it cost me around P90.00

    For the main dish I had their pasta puttanesca. It was good, but I wish it had more olives and tomatoes, but aside from that, I’ll definitely order this again. It ranges around the same price of the pizza.


  Right after lunch, I met with M and his best friend Jon at SM Bicutan to play LOL (League of Legends).

   For the longest time, I’ve been craving for blueberry cheesecake, I tried Sugarhouse and it was yet another good blueberry cheesecake, to better describe it? Food-gasmic! hehe

2011-10-03 12.06.59


Yesterday’s Weekend…

Yesterday, M and our good friend Stacy, attended the Trese 4 Book Launch at Robinson’s Galleria, Best Seller. I wasn’t able to buy a copy that day, so instead I had my cover case signed by the artist, Kajo Baldisimo~



2011-10-08 17.30.34




               left to right: Kajo Baldisimo (artist) and Budjette Tan (writer)

They also have this promo, one lucky reader gets to win a 16GB IPAD with Trese art work cover, promo runs until October 30th. I’m buying a copy this payday!


    Stacy was soooo sweet to give me these…



   These Neopolitan desserts are soo good! I will ask where she bought these. I love the custard inside. She also gave me a cute kitty headband~


     Thank you so much Stacyyy~ Looking forward to seeing you in Komikon next month.

I had so much fun yesterday and wished it wouldn’t end, oh well! Back to work again. I hope you all had a great weekend!



                                                                Till then!




  1. which TOSH branch is this dear. i want to try them soon. we have one near our business community.

    also, did Kajo make the guhit guhit galore in your case? or that's already designed that way as ypou bought it.

  2. Lucky you: you got to meet Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo aka the Dynamic Duo behind Trese!

  3. @john: sa landmark lang

    yes dear, he made guhit guhit and ukit ukit my phone case on the event itself

    @midge: thanks :)


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