Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Cat’s Charm never fails


In my position, where I’m the only one taking care of my cats, I decided to just have one cat, and that is Tabby. Then, one evening when I got home from work, something arrived inside a travel cage. I first got a message from my sister telling me to give a way the poor thing in the cage. Well, it’s already hard trying to look for owners who are interested to adopt, so I just kept her. I let her stay in our veranda in a cage, after a couple of weeks, the cat’s cuteness and charm worked and eventually I let her in.




Her story is similar with Tabby, a stray cat wondering in our veranda, trying to fool the cat lady (me).  Her name is Rogue, it was my sister who named her.

Content Kitty? I think so too…



  Till then!





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