Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tech talk: Cats are taking over the world!

 Hello everyone! For today’s post is another app review. I was contemplating whether to have a separate blog for my techie talks, or maybe just mix it with my blog. I asked Martin, and as usual he gave valid reasons to just mix it here, my friend Stacy also said the same thing.

 I’ve been OC lately for customizing my phone, so I decided to download new widgets and apps and I’m quite happy with what I have now. By the way, upon upgrading the froyo to gingerbread, I forgot to mention (though it may not be a big of a deal for some)  that there was one additional wallpaper available and it looks like this (refer to image below)


 The list of things that I downloaded were the following:
  • Battery widget
  • App folder (similar to the IOS)
  • Color note
  • Bathing cat
  • Cat’s memo
  • Cool SMS tones and
  • Cat sound ringtones
 Here’s how my phones UI looks like now:




 But for this post I will be reviewing the two cat apps. First up, Bathing cat, now this is not my first time to download the widget. I am always cramming for space, so I had to prioritize which of the important ones that I needed for my phone to stay. Well, I still am cramming for space until now, but then what the heck! I miss the whiney, vain cat in my screen – haha!

 Basically, bathing cat is a battery widget that informs you of bath levels (battery status), only much more fun and can be irritating at times (LOL). This  widget is definitely for the cat lovers out there.
With my recent update, the battery performance has changed a lot, but having this app drains the battery a little faster, but can still last the whole day.

 Here’s what you can customize…



 You can choose from different styles of cats, tubs and background. It is also like a tamagotchi, which you have to take care of or else he’ll complain if you don’t.







 That’s about if for Bathing cat! Next up is the Cat’s memo.

 Cat’s memo

  Now this is my favorite app, this takes memo’s to a cuter level! You can set it up in the shortcut option for your home screen. This size is a 1x2


While the photo below is 1x4


I like them both, so I put 2 kitties in my home screen. Best of all you can also choose from different kinds of cats and also add a photo to your note.




 There are only 6 cats to choose from and only 3 notepads, which in my opinion is not bad. Though, I hope if there’s an update they will add more cats and more colored notepads to choose from.


Definitely enjoying the cat’s memo! Both apps are free (yes, I’m cheap ass), one of the reasons why I love the android too – hehe.
I hope this is a good reason for you to get an android phone, specially cat lovers out there, hehe.

  Till then!



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