Monday, November 28, 2011

Series of food photos~


Because I love reading food posts, these are my series of food adventures from dining out and simple home cooking and everything else~

When I left my previous work, my officemates were so sweet to “throw” me a despedida somewhere along Jupiter St, Makati. We ended up going to Strumm’s. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos, but I enjoyed the night of food, drinks and great company.

What we had…

2011-10-28 19.25.10

We were the first customers to arrive in the place and almost all of the seats were already reserved, good thing somehow we managed to get seats. Anyhow, as for our calamares order for less than P200? I’ve had better. The squid was so chewy like bubblegum, nothing extra ordinary.

For our second order, we were deciding whether to choose the plain nachos or the supreme one. The supreme costs around P300+ I think and it was total disappointment.

2011-10-28 19.45.54

For something that’s supposedly to be special, the price is not worth it. Well, I guess it’s all about the drinks not the food. One of my officemate ordered dynamite, that was good, but no photo sorry.

  If you arrive early, you get to pay for beer or tanduay ice half the price, the regular price costs for P130+ per bottle.


A few weeks ago, my man finally bought an android phone. We bought his phone at Parkquare Makati for a good deal. He got himself a Samsung Galaxy Y, right after buying we had dinner at SM Makati food court. I ordered at Tokyo tokyo, the Tempura kani meal which costs P228.



The meal comes with 4 pcs of california maki, and regular drink of red ice tea. The usual stuff, but I love their sautee’d veggies a lot.


          I like Tokyo’s red ice among other Japanese fast food resto’s.

We met the next day to have a quick dinner near my place.


Martin ordered chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger, I had their spaghetti and burger mcdo. I was quite surprised that the portion size were big. Not bad for a P50 meal.

309052_2194317573163_1103880186_31922090_228775499_n  385230_2194318453185_1103880186_31922091_812960460_n


Last Saturday, was our weekend RnR, we just stayed in his place to have a movie and gaming session. For breakfast, we had the usual mcdonald’s breakfast.

2011-11-26 10.11.14

                                  A growing man needs his food, hehe~

2011-11-26 10.10.53

I wonder, why is the Mcdonald’s standard here in the Philippines so small? The sausage mc muffin is almost the size of my palm and they wonder why they can’t beat Jollibee here in the Philippines?  Anyhow, I still enjoyed my breakfast, even if the muffins tasted like stale bread.

For lunch, which was rather a very late lunch we enjoyed ourselves with simple food, a bang for the buck. Paotsin never fails to fill the tummy.

2011-11-26 15.05.49

                                          Fried sharks fin for the boy

2011-11-26 15.06.09

                                         Fried squid wanton for me

We washed it down with our drinks brought from the grocery. The Lipton sparkling is my current fave.

2011-11-26 15.03.37

For dessert I was curious about Monde’s coco bites, I had high hopes for this but was just dismayed.

2011-11-26 15.03.44


Our dinner was home cooked, Adobo and pansit canton, both were yum!

2011-11-26 20.22.22

2011-11-26 20.21.03


  That’s about it for food photos! Hope this will be a great week for everyone~

  And of course, since I rarely spend time with their cat Tigger, I enjoyed every moment hugging him and squeezing his face XD

2011-11-26 15.45.04


Till then!





  1. wow! that's a lot of good food! i feel like i gained weight just by reading your blogpost today! LOL!

    masarap pala sa Paotsin!?? ive always been attracted to those purple styros nila, but never really got to ordering. sige, i will na talaga next time. when i get the chance. thanks!

  2. @Gits: unhealthy, haha, but good!

    yup paotsin is good, their tzipao is also yummeh! looking forward for your blog

  3. true on McDo having small servings. they will have to charge customers higher if they are to upsize though. i think they have been matching the price points of Jollibee. now that Jollibee has acquired Burger King, I wonder if McDo will position itself as a direct competitor of BK instead of Jollibee.


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