Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Android Fancy Widget + A bundle of Joy


  Techie talk for today’s post! I’m definitely loving my Samsung Galaxy Ace and was really glad to have not replaced it with the Galaxy Y. When Martin showed me a pink version of the Y, I was seriously considering in buying it. Just because it’s pink. But he managed to talk me out of it because it was a dumb idea because it’s a bit of a downgrade from my phone. (spur of the moment sickness) hehe

    Anyhow, I’ve been recently looking for games and nice widgets for my phone, it’s not that there are bad games but it’s a turn off for me if I have to connect to an internet just to play a game. Some are quite slow even with a 800MHz (not that it’s fast really). So here are 2 of the widgets that I was able to download. But before that, here’s how my blog looks like on the ACE


  I downloaded the fancy widget which you can get here. Looks pretty nice too~


    You can customize the skin and text color and many more. For the skin you have to download it though. That’s it for my current downloaded app, I will be hunting for more and hopefully find something interesting.


   On other things, the pink Nintendo 3DS Bundle of Nintendogs and CATS!


  *source here

   I used to own a DS Lite and have played Nintendogs. Think of it like Tamagotchi, although the puppy never grows. And for the 3DS they now have CATS! Now that IS something to look forward to.This is definitely a bundle of joy!

   Martin says I can only choose 1 gift among the three; 1. An Asus Eee pc 1215B netbook 2. Ipod touch 32gb or 3. Nintendo 3DS bundle. It’s a tough decision, but I have to choose usability first since I blog most of the times. Sadness, but then again, there’s always next time :)


   Till then!






  1. Mr M, kasama ba ako sa mga dapat pipili? i'd go for the 3DS, wala pa ako Nintendo eh. puro PSP, PS3 lang ako. and of course my Donkey Kong Game en Watch.

  2. @john: lol! hindi ka kasama, hehehe.


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