Monday, December 05, 2011

Currently Playing: Hard Corps–Uprising


   Happy Monday folks! For today’s post is another game review, but this time for the console PS3.

                                           HARD CORPS: UPRISING


  Actually, I can’t really say that this is a comprehensive game review since I have not yet finished it. But currently, it is so addicting and hard core (in my “gaming skills” that is). My BF is the one that’s much more hard core than me (for obvious reasons) and he says that technically, the Uprising is quite easy compared to the other Contra series (my goodness, and that is so frustrating for me because I can be competitive when it comes to games like these).

  About the game:

   It is part of the Contra series, here’s a list of the Contra series in order. Uprising being the latest as of date.

- Contra
- Super Contra
- Operation C
- Contra III: The Alien Wars
- Contra Force
- Contra: Hard Corps
- Contra: Legacy of War
- Contra Adventure
- Contra: Shattered Soldier
- Neo Contra
- Contra 4
- Contra Rebirth
- Hard Corps: Uprising

   Uprising has two main game mode features, Rising and Arcade. In Rising mode, for easier terms is, easy mode for newbie’s like me in Contra. Players can collect points throughout levels which are then used to purchase various upgrades and customizations for weapons, armor and character abilities and also has health bar. The Arcade mode is much more hardcore as M’s says.

    We are still currently in stage 1 and only reached the jungle part. My man is currently into Dungeon Defenders, while I’m into Uprising, so I told him: “Babe, let’s meet halfway okay? Can we please play Uprising the whole day next weekend?” LOL! Compared to Metal Slug, I’m loving this more! I’m glad that it has a multi player feature.


   I love shooting games and this game definitely adds up in my list. I hope we get to finish the game, if not then at least half of it!

   By the way, this game is downloadable through PSN card for $14.99


   Any gamers out there? what are your favorite games? share okay? :)


    Till then!




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