Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weekend Food tripping + Trying out Celeteque


Weekends are meant for food trip, so for this week here’s what my family and Martin and I had.

  Friday night, my mom ordered her usual favorite at Ambers. It’s been a while since we had Amber’s so this was a treat!

2011-12-02 18.16.18

2011-12-02 18.16.35

   As for yesterday’s date with M, here’s what we had…

2011-12-03 16.05.54

   Dirty Ice cream as we pinoy’s call it! I asked for the mango flavored one, was eating this on our way to Puregold Sucat to have merienda/dinner.

2011-12-03 16.49.47

                                                            Purefoods hotdog on stick

2011-12-03 16.57.59

                                                 Crab nuggets (which looks like kikiam)

2011-12-03 16.59.42

                                                                          3M Pinoy pizza

   3M was truly disappointing and even pricier than Chansel. Lotsa Pizza and Chansel is way better than 3M. They skimped on tomato sauce and the cheese as well. The dough was crunchy too almost like a toasted bread.

2011-12-03 17.00.04

2011-12-03 17.00.21

                                                              3M supreme pizza flavor

2011-12-03 16.46.48


   On other things, I’ve been trying to look for Celeteque Brightening facial wash and their brightening skin care products, but I can’t seem to find it which is a bit frustrating. Recently, my face has been oiling up much more too. I tried using the PONDS Gold radiance and it broke me out. So, I’m back with my human nature balancing facial wash. Currently, I’m using the Olay oil minimizing toner, which is half empty already (on my 2nd bottle). A bottle costs P195. It doesn’t do much for controlling the oil, but it helps neutralize the skins moisture. Anyway, I saw the Celetque Oil Control toner at Mercury and bought the small bottle to test it out first.

2011-12-03 16.50.26

2011-12-03 16.50.47

   The small bottle costs for P70 while the bigger one at P110.75 which is less than a few pesos from the Olay.

   Well, that’s it for our food trip weekend, I’m still craving for a decent pizza though. hehe~

   Any interesting food trip? share okay? :)

   I hope it rains the whole night, keep warm kitties~




    Till then!




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