Thursday, December 01, 2011

Ensaymada on a Thursday


Laguna is our province, which we rarely visit now a days. Aside from the hot springs, one of the few things I love about the place is UPLB’s yogurt. I forgot where exactly, but they make very good local yogurt.

  Around 4-5 pm is merienda (tea time) for us Pinoy’s, and for my merienda today is ensaymada from San Pedro, Laguna. YUM!



                                                                                 Cold ensaymada


                                                       When heated is YUMMIER <3


                                                                Some bits of ham inside


                What’s yours? Share okay?


       Till then!





  1. Speaking of ensaimadas, my favorites are the ones from Eurobake from Bulacan - they don't skimp on the cheese and salted duck eggs. But those buns from Laguna look great, too. (As for today's merienda, it's homemade chocolate-spice bars for me.)

  2. @sybdive: i love mary grace's ensaymada. I will try eurobake next time.

    chocolate spice bars? sounds interesting

  3. wow!! I like the ones with mongo or ube inside. I love Mary Grace, Baguio Country Club or even the ones sold in Rustans Supermarket (the ones they sell by pcs. of 6 and its so cheesy!) :D

    I wanna try the one you posted but its too far :P One ensaymada I got to try is the one sold in Rockwell, diamond hotel i think? heard lots of raves about it.

  4. @pinkcookies: Mongo and ube? sounds pretty good. Though, I like the traditional kind lang. Mary grace fan too! WOOT!

    unfortunately, yes it is far.Interesting, will research about that ensaymada then. Thanks for sharing your fave :)

  5. looks yummy! i love diamond hotel's ube ensaymada. :3


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