Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tech talk: CD-R King Wireless router review


       My man is the type who likes giving gifts that would serve a purpose for long term. I wanted a play dough cake maker and I thought, he’d get me that – hehe. But he said, when I’m done with the play dough, what’s next? And with that, he gifted me a router instead. Nonetheless, I love it! I can download apps non stop.


   This is a very basic router that has an internal antenna. We used to have a router, but it didn’t last because first, my sister kept removing the ethernet cable from the router, because she says the connection got slower. The problem was, I did not set up the wireless connection to private, which I’m pretty sure the neighbors were also trying to connect to. Anyway, inside the box are the following:




                                                Manual and warranty receipt






                                                                     Ethernet cable


                                                            Plug for the router

     Here’s how it looks like when installed…




   Now that part is easy, I told my BF that I want our connection to be exclusively ours only, and he said that it is a bit tricky since I would have to use the MAC filtering system instead of the password system, since it can be easily hacked.

    First thing to do is to get the IP address of the wireless router, which can be seen at the back of the router.

  Step 1: Copy the IP address and open a browser. You will automatically be directed to the CD-R king site.

  You can basically choose how to set up your wireless router. I prefer the MAC filtering system, which will allow only those listed in the filter to connect to the wifi. Those who will try to connect will automatically be blocked.  For MAC filtering here’s step 2.

  Step 2: There are options on the left side (sorry, I couldn’t get a print screen out of it, but it’s fairly easy to find).

  Go to the Firewall option and click on the MAC filtering, from there all you have to do is list down the MAC addresses of your gadgets

  Step 3: Click the wireless option and under that click the access control. This will give you the list and control the people who will try to connect. Choose the allow listed option and then list down again the MAC addresses. \

   And that’s it! In fairness, the connection is pretty fast, although there are a few (rare) instances that the connection is bad. Now my only wish is that this router will last me a long time. Considering the brand, there are possibilities that it might get busted.


  • Complies with 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11n Draft v2.0 and backward compatible with 802.11g/b standards
  • PPPoE/Static IP/PPTP/DHCP,NAT/NAPT IP sharing
  • Supports advanced 1T1R MIMO technology to enhance the throughput and coverage range significantly. High speed date rate—up to 150Mbps
  • Virtual Server and DMZ
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)with reset button
  • SSID broadcast control and MAC access control list.
  • 64/128bit WEP encryption and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security
  • WMM function to meet the multimedia transmission requirement
  • Supports Special Applications (Port Triggers)
  • DDNS (DynDNS,TZO), and QoS
  • VPN pass through (IPSec/PPTP)•
  • WDS, wireless bridge, wireless station
  • DHCP server and Anti-Dos firewall
  • QoS bandwidth control based on MAC and IP
  • 2dBi antenna
  • Firmware upgrade via web page


    Definitely happy, I can now abuse my droid for downloading stuff. LOL!



    Till then!





  1. please PM me your WPA/WEP key, bwahahaha. makikisquat ako sa koneksyones mo.

  2. yan din gamit ko. kaso bigla nalang nawalan ng connection pero sa phone ko nag coconnect naman, sa lappy hindi na :(

  3. patulong ate. Hindi ko magawa yung mc filter

  4. it should appear sa cd-king site where you have to log in your details

  5. word of caution though, nag rreset siya minsan kaya you have to do the MAC filtering once in a while

  6. Ginagamit mo po ba yan ng 24/7? kakabili ko lang din po kasi :)

  7. I used to, pero when it constantly kept resetting i don't use it anymore

  8. Mitzi Mae AlamodinMay 30, 2014 at 1:10 AM

    Magkano po ung bill ng internet nyan every month ? Dko po alam eh ngayon plng ako magpapa wifi. At tsaka mabilis po ba sya magdownload ng Movies ? pls. need lng :(

  9. @mitch: the router is just a tool para maka connect ang gadgets. It depends sa plan ng internet mo, but we spend roughly around P3,000+ per month (PLDT DSL). Sometimes mabilis, but it depends really.

    For the cdr king router, medyo buggy siya kasi nag rreset minsan pag naka mac filter.


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