Saturday, January 07, 2012

Currently playing: Nintendo Wii–Just Dance 2


    Games can be a source of entertainment, stress reliever and for some a fun way to exercise! My Martin lent me his Nintendo Wii because he rarely uses it, he’s also very supportive of me losing weight which is the real reason why he lent me the Wii. So I can just dance, to Just Dance (game) LOL!

     It’s not just because it’s the New year that I’ve decided to seriously lose weight but more of long term reasons and what girlfriend doesn’t want to look good for their significant other right? I also downloaded an app for the android called the Calorie Counter, which basically measures the amount of calories lost when you do a certain exercise. It also measures the calorie intake of your food. I will probably blog about that app soon. Anyhoo, going back to the Wii, is my daily workout. I’ve played all of the songs already and I really wish my man can find a copy of the Just Dance 3, so far the only copies sold are for the Xbox, BOOO!

     Here’s how the Just Dance plays (sorry no video of me dancing, I made sure I won’t be seen on screen, but rest assured I was the one playing it). haha!


    The Just Dance 2 has this feature called Just Sweat.




    Here’s the video…

Kitten dances to S.O.S


       With the Wii sensor, it can sense your moves, in closed doors I really do the whole shebang which is a great workout for me.  The thing with this is that it’s not that accurate in the whole body movement which makes it easy. The BF told me that the PS3 Move is much more accurate and you really have to do the whole dance moves or else it won’t mimick your move at all.

        Other than that, the Wii version is good for parties or as your workout system. The Just Dance 2 has around 30 plus songs like, Crazy in Love, S.O.S to name a few. I’m pretty sure I look silly dancing, but hey! who cares! lol~


       Till then!





  1. hi dear kate!go girl!wow! nintendo Wii! that's so cool!

  2. @Kaye: Hello, ahaha. thanks dear :)

  3. kala ko may video na sumasayaw ka, that'll be fun.

  4. @john: baka mawalan ako ng loyal readers and followers pag nag post ako ng video of me dancing. Bwahahaha


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