Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Date on a Monday


     Having meals is best when together with family, friends or even your significant other. Last night, my Martin and I met up at Walter Mart to have dinner. He was gone for a few days from his Singapore trip and he was so sweet to have bought me pasalubong. For our food options, we were thinking of whether to eat at Mongolian grill or Karate kid, but because I was craving for Ramen, Karate kid it was. I’ve already dined here a couple of times and one of my staple orders is always Tofu Furai or Fish Katsu. I was disappointed with their beef ramen, so this time I was risky to try their Tempura miso ramen. I would’ve opted for the fish katsu but I didn’t want to eat rice that time.



                                  Tempura miso soup with 2 pcs @ P99

      Comparing this with the Beef ramen, this was better in terms of taste. The shrimp tempura was thin, and the were not much noodles to slurp on. It also had one piece of hard boiled egg. The broth is what made me super full. I’ve been lately having this ramen craving for the past few weeks already. On other things that we ordered, Martin had pork tonkatsu and 4 pcs. California maki, and my appetizer was tofu furai 5 pcs for P50 something.


                                                                    California maki


                                                                             Tofu furai


                                                                           Pork tonkatsu

   The prices at Karate Kid are pretty reasonable as compared to Tokyo Tokyo, what keeps me coming back is for their tofu furai. It’s very light and I like their breading too.

     I almost forgot that Martin has pasalubong for me, I was just happy to see him that day. And when he handed it to me, I couldn’t wait to see what’s inside.


    He got me running shoes! Now we can go jogging!



           And some chocolate, I’m not a dark chocolate fan, good thing it had some peanut butter cups. My fave! Thanks babe <3


                                                                   Happy and full~

      When I got home, I took out the big Hershey wrapper and taped it in my journal / scrap book.


       I hope this will be a great week for all of us! Cheers!


     Till then!





  1. Teka lang ha? Running shoes and chocolate? Ano ba talaga kuya? Gusto ko ring mag jogging pero wala akong kasama. (Aatakihin ako pag run) Hmmm... Makabili nga ng running shoes!

  2. @E: Oo, shoes and chocolate = love! wahahahaha. Buy ka na!


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