Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girl Bonding + My first sauna experience


    Before this week ends, I am eager to post my girl bonding with my dearest friend Stacy. She accompanied me to Quezon City last Tuesday and after my meeting she insisted that I stay over at her house to hang out, it’s been a while since we last saw each other.

     It was my first time to visit her lovely home and it was really unique, it reminds me of Tagaytay, the stairs was something (I didn’t take a picture of it since, I didn’t want to invade her privacy). We had lunch first cooked by her mom (which I will be posting in my other blog). Anyway, it was pretty neat that she has her very own sauna and jacuzzi at home, I asked permission if I can take pictures and she obliged. It was also my first time to try it and after experiencing it, I felt so relaxed and stress free. My skin also felt so good and my face didn’t oil up that much that day. WOW! (hehe)

C360_2012-01-24-14-23-31_org   The Sauna room, I challenged myself to try it for 1 hour (but lasted for 35minutes), at first it wasn’t that hot, that I mocked it –Lol! Time passed I noticed that I was really perspiring a lot, I mean sweating buckets and dripping down the floor. Oh and I can’t get over her cat named Midnight, who joined me inside, I was like O__O

    Midnight stayed for around less than 5mins inside, haha! I wish I was able to take a photo but I’m pretty sure it might get destroyed if I bring it with me inside. A book and the cat kept me company. Stacy prepared the jacuzzi for me and after I finished inside the sauna, look who was checking out the jacuzzi…..


   More pictures of Midnight….



    Stacy and I spent the whole day together, it was also a food trip journey which I will be posting next in the other blog. I really had fun that day and next time make sure to take photos of us together, hehe.



    Till then!




  1. wow! sauna and jacuzzi at home?  I like :D

  2. Yeah, it sure was neat! 

  3. wow... may sauna sa house nya? taray. 

    sarap ng sauna noh. that is what i am usually doing before i took a hot shower at the gym, sarap kase talaga eh. try mo rin steam bath baka magustuhan moh. 

  4. Yes, soshal noh, hehe. But there's a story to that why she has one. 

    Yeap, so relaxing after and iba ang feeling

  5. Siyempre i can't tell you, hehehe


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