Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gamer girlfriend + Advanced birthday surprise and CATS!


      I always look forward to weekends, Saturday’s spent with my man, it was our regular RnR at his place for a gaming session. He actually let me try Demon Souls and Amalur: Reckoning, you see my BF is a hardcore gamer/ gamer geek and recently in his Facebook status updates is mostly about his gaming journey with Demon Souls, how freaking hard the game is and I was able to experience it myself and now I understand his “frustration”. First of all, the controls are different, you will be using the L and R button’s for attacking or defense, and then the d pad to switch equipments /skills and potion and then the analog stick to move. It was overwhelming and hard! Let me rephrase that, it will eat your soullllllll! (haha). Not to brag or anything, my BF’s best friend Jon only lasted a minute, I for one lasted an hour. So it’s not that bad considering it’s my first time. My class is Royalty, which both uses magic and long rage weapons.

     What I love about these kinds of games is customization, here’s how my character in Demon Soul’s look like (see photo below).



     Pretty plane jane right? All through out the game I kept screaming like a scaredy cat and told Martin that I wanted to rest for a while. He recommended that I try Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which I enjoyed more over Demon Souls and also because my character looks way better (hehe). See photo below





     I think Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the game for me, it’s much more light hearted and slightly plays the same as Demon Souls only easier. This is just the demo only, release of the game will be sometime in February for PS3. I played almost the whole afternoon, and after that we were able to catch Sherlock Holmes on HBO.

      For lunch, I cooked burger patties, luncheon meat and egg sarciado (no photos sorry),  unfortunately, the burger patties was burned (almost charcoal like – haha), the fire was to high and I did not set it on low. My man kept on complaining about the patties (sorry babe, next time will make better patties for you), but at least the saving grace was the egg. We tried a new drink stall at a nearby grocery which I will be posting in my other blog. Before heading home, I was caught of guard by his advance birthday gift which was really sweet of him.


     Someone was extravagant that day (thanks love!), will make a review of this sometime this week. And while I was taking a photo, this cat always wants to be the star (see photo below).


     Martin has a very, VERY noisy cat named Tigger…..


    We both had a blast and missed each other dearly, I can’t wait to spend time with him again this weekend!

     Hope you guys had a great weekend too~


     Till then!





  1. Hello Tigger <3  Such a cutie!

  2. He is, he loves the smell of feet! weird O__o

  3. My Ponchi is super noisy and my Gwen loves my feet. Woot!

  4. wow... i'm drooling. beat by dr. dre, it's almost 10-grand to have it. 

  5. kasing mahal pa sya sa entry level na smartphones. i wish i can have the resources that much to spare too. :)


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