Monday, January 16, 2012



    First it was the Frappuccino craze, and then there was tea! But among all those new drinks popping out, there is still one drink that has been enchanting and fulfilling my drink craze time and again…. QUICKLY please!

    I remember back then when I was in high school or elementary in St. Scholastica’s College, there used to be a Quickly restaurant near our school. They also have food items there and my sister and I usually have our dinner there after school. Now, it seems that Quickly is just a drink stall in most malls. Quickly was brought here from Taiwan. 

    This is one healthy beverage that I keep coming back to. I specifically love their Taro, well it’s the only item in the menu that I always order.

2011-12-17 15.39.36

2011-12-17 15.39.48

2011-12-17 15.41.03

2011-12-17 15.40.20

2011-12-17 15.40.45

                                   The contraption that seals the beverage

    And for our orders, as usual the boyfriend ordered Choco Loco with extra chocolate syrup and I had the Taro pudding. So refreshingly good! This is my ultimately favorite drink.

    It’s actually weird that Taro as a drink can be good, who would’ve thought. I love their puddings as well, even the chocolate pudding.



 Quickly, Glorietta Food choices


             Any Quickly fans out there? share your favorites okay?


    Till then!





  1. haha i just wrote something about Quickly too!

  2. I only order the Taro Taro :D

  3. Oo nga eh, I read your post too! cool~

  4. me too! i love their taro sobra

  5. The blueberry yogurt - though, frankly, ever since they stopped selling milk tea, I've weaned myself away from Quickly.

  6. I will probably try that blueberry yogurt. I see, I just love their taro to bits


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