Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A pink themed gift and random shopping


     I received another package/gift yesterday from another blogger friend, who has always been generous and thoughtful. We rarely see each other these days, but I promised her that I soon as I have work again, I’ll treat her out. Anyway, thank you dear Lady E for the sweet and the BESTEST gift ever, here’s why.




    Another addition to my Hello Kitty collection! And a pink one! How cute is that? It’s a small HK stuff toy. Thank you E!

    Now, thing is, my man bought me a bunny stuff toy last year, and I keep it in my drawer. My friend John, gifted me a KOR water bottle and I haven’t even  used it yet and is still in the plastic that it came with. And now, Lady E giving me a Hello kitty stuff toy and It’s just in my drawer too. Haha! I’m OC like that, that I don’t like my nice / memorable things getting dirty, LOL!


                                                         Charm Kabuki brush

      I don’t need to blog about the Charm anymore as it has been reviewed by a lot of beauty bloggers already. Thank you for your gift E! I really appreciate it.

     On other things, I went shopping with my sister early this afternoon for our toilettries and food. I bought the usual basic stuff like shampoo, soap, etc. Here a few things that I bought (It’s nothing new, but I just want to share a few items  with you). Also on the food part, I cooked dinner for my family, will make a separate blog post for that.


     That’s it! More posts to come :)


     Till then!





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