Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kim n’ Chi + Cucina Spanish food


      A few days ago, my man and 2 of our friends were supposed to meet up for a catch up date before he would leave for Singapore. It’s not permanent though he’ll be back after a week, and I will definitely miss him a lot. One of our friends (Stacy) wasn’t able to make it due to unfortunate events. So it was just me, Martin and Che.

       I’ve been seeing Kim n’ Chi since it opened but never attempted to try it. But this time, because I was craving for Ramen, I tried their spicy seafood ramyon. The price is pretty reasonable and they didn’t skimp on the seafood as well. My total bill cost me around P150 or less I think or maybe less than P200 (back log post sorry). Upon ordering, you will be given a disk, just like the one in Happy Lemon.

2012-01-03 16.27.08 2012-01-03 16.27.19

     On to the food…

2012-01-03 16.31.05

                                                                        Seafood Ramyon

       The seafood ramyon was / is good. and it didn’t take long for them to serve it. It had shrimps, mussels and squid. The noodles were ordinary, but nothing a ramen craving would disappoint. The soup was good too until the very last drop. This is what I had for dinner and it was very filling. I saw a few customers enjoy the other items in their menu, but I’m still not that convinced to try them yet. But most of their prices are pretty reasonable. I’m craving for ramen again, but next time, I will try the less spicy version.

         We were seated in front of the House of Minis and and beside that is Cucina, a Spanish food joint. It was Martin’s second time to try and I was a bit jealous of his sparerib steak. It falls of the bone and the sauce was yummy. Che also ordered from the same place. She had the grilled chicken something (picture below).

2012-01-03 16.31.15

2012-01-03 16.31.24

     All photos were taken with my samsung ace phone. It was a short catch up date and we were still sad that Stacy wasn’t able to go, hopefully next time we’d be complete. We still enjoyed Che’s company, though I wasn’t able to take a group photo.

       I miss my Martin already, and I can’t wait to see him next week after his trip~

photo (1)

                                                                              Date with Che~

SC20120101-214217 - Peter,Swollen

                                               New year dinner with his family

                                              Wishing you a safe trip love!

      Till then!





  1. and speaking of that order indicator disk, that's the same disk used by Iron Man to power himself up, right? oh boy, they really have learned a lot from the battery-operated Ultra Man. :)


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