Sunday, February 19, 2012

Facial hair remover and random things


           I’ve been always conscious of my lip hair and when I saw Lady E featured the Watson’s Steel facial hair remover, I wanted to try it and because it’s inexpensive too. My sister and I tried it the first time and it was rather difficult at first, all you need is to practice, practice and practice. And currently I am still practicing, it is effective and yes it stings a bit (think of plucking your eyebrows, that kind of sting).


     The directions says to bend the tool to a U shape, twist your fingers and then swivel up and down or left or right. I still need to get a hang of this, but I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

      That night I got a sweet gift from my sister Amanda, we both have matching bag charms, but we use it as our keychain for our keys at home.


       On other things, I, for some reason am addicted to buying wet ones and bought quite a few yesterday and today. Here’s what I bought (photo below)


     These are perfect because my man, his friends and I will be going to EK (Enchanted Kingdom this coming Saturday). Wish me luck! Yes, I’m a scaredy cat (afraid of rides that has anything to do with heights).


      Till then!



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