Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodies for the Kikay and Techie Kitty + News from The Hyphen Store


It’s midweek already and I received and bought some things up for review.

Yesterday my mom gave me new sandals called “FitFlops”. Which I will be making a separate post for that. Refer to photo below to see how the sandals looks like.


Watch out for my review for FitFlops

A few days ago I asked my mom if she could bring home my old laptop, which has been collecting dust for a couple of months already since it got “destroyed” last year. I told my BF what was wrong with it and he said that it probably needs to be reformatted. The laptop was supposedly scheduled for a reformat this Weekend.

I guess I couldn’t wait that long. I was feeling “techie” that night and decided to tinker around the laptop. Thinking there’s probably a way to fix it on my own and lo and behold! With my cousin’s help, I was able to fix the laptop and now have my own to work with. Thank you Kuya Victor!

I bought new accessories today, one’s a hit and the other a miss.


The retractable HP mouse was priced at P275 and it works pretty fine. I will also post a separate blog review for this product. As for the pink mouse pad which cost me P100 it sucked big time. The texture is plastic-y which I think will work best with a non optical mouse. I bought them both at Alphaland Makati earlier today.

For some weird reason I just wanted to go out and since Martin’s office is near Alphaland, we decided to have dinner after his work. Another reason why I went to Alphaland was because my friend Lady E, the owner of The Hyphen Store sponsored my blog for a product review. She told me to pick up the items this afternoon.

The Hyphen Store has 2 bazaars for this month one is at Victoria de Manila, Taft just in front of  Philippine Women’s University and the other at Alphaland Southgate Mall at the 2nd floor (near Tiggy’s shop) until March 31 so please visit do visit.

Unfortunately they don’t offer the same stuff in their booths, so why not visit them both? Or you can always order online through their Multiply or Facebook page.


Will reveal what’s inside tomorrow. Aside from the products she gave me I bought myself a pair of new earrings from Hyphen Luxe priced at P100.


I also bought this Creamsilk conditioner which I found at SM Hypermarket Magallanes.



I’m already excited to blog about everything listed in this post, if you’re interested in one of the items do watch for my review about them



Till then!




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