Friday, March 23, 2012

Tech talk: HP Retractable Mouse


Happy Friday my dear readers! Finally just one more day before the weekend and it’s going to be another busy weekend for me. As usual Saturday’s are spent with my man and this Sunday is my nephew’s 9th birthday.

As I posted last night about the goodies I bought and received, here’s the first goodie up for review. I bought a retractable HP Mini Optical Mouse at the FireWyre store in Alphaland Mall yesterday. I was torn between the Deluxe brand and this but my BF said that a retractable mouse is more convenient.


The mouse is compatible for Windows and MAC users and it only takes at least 5 minutes or less to install the mouse in your laptop.

The wire is a little bit thin than a regular optical mouse would. The retractable feature makes this hassle tangle free which I really like.

It’s my first time to consider retractable mouse since I used to be cheap when it comes to accessories like these. My BF told me to invest for a better mouse since CD-R King is mostly crappy. I used to buy there and as expected it didn’t last me 3 months.

I’m quite happy with my purchase. For P275 I hope this will last me a long time.

I have another tech post coming next week and I’m very much excited for that. Watch out for it okay?


Till then!





  1. nice! i need a new one too :P

  2. tips when suing retractable mouse:

    1) hold both ends when retracting, madaling masira kung isang end lang hawakan when retracting

    2) don't stretch it to the maximum kase nasisira agad yung coil

    3) put it in a pouch kase masisira agad ang cable joint if placed in the bag without any protection

  3. thanks for the tip john :)


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