Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something Pink and Something BIG!


Up until now I am still speechless of how blessed and how lucky I am. Unfortunately, I can’t divulge further information about it but here’s why I am blessed and very much happy.

Words have failed me this time but… Thank you with all my heart! The gesture is so big and unexpected that I feel I have to repay you. But thank you :)

At first I thought this was the only surprise that day. Please see photo below.


Unfortunately there was something more. Item on the left and the 2 canned cat food.


The DSLR even came with a camera bag and a filter and a surprise letter inside. Thank you.

P.S. Pls don’t mind the cat in the photo. LOL!

Of course expect a blog review of the Canon 1100D, PS3 dual shock controller and the Wii remote.

Thank you with so much love~


Till then!





  1. wow! new camera! :D  Tabby looks so happy too :P

  2. Hi Kate! yup, heehee. Does he look happy? LOL!


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