Thursday, April 19, 2012

Featuring - Baby Moon Lifestyle: A Contest for Pet lovers / owners


Here’s an interesting post for all the pet lovers / owners out there. Let me first introduce to you a Pet Company owned by a friend of mine.

Baby Moon Lifestyle is an online division of Baby Moon Lifestyle for pets. They have been participating in a number of events already and have established  loyal clienteles. All pet owners who wants to spoil their little companion(s).

Just a brief introduction about the company:

Baby Moon Pawprints is a division of Baby Moon Lifestyle for pets. Started in 2009, BM Pawprints is received warmly”.

They offer unique hats and other accessories and you can check their website here in their Facebook page at Baby Moon Lifestyle for Pets.

They are currently holding a contest that I’m sure your pets would enjoy.

Win accessories to make your pets the ultimate trendsetter.

Think your pet is one of these? Open to any kind of pet. (Dog, cat, rabbit, bird, even fish if you think so!)

Send an email at Subject: Trendsetting Pet. Send your name, e-mail/Facebook, Pet's name, breed if any, a short paragraph about your pet and one or two photos of your pet.

Choose one category per pet only.
* The Pampered Pet
* Spoiled Little Rich Cat/Dog/Pet
* Cheap but Chic
* Orphaned Transformed
* Super Picky
* Down Size Me! (Obese Pets)
* Inseparable Couple
* Mr./Ms. Playful
* Sports is my Life!
* Living in Luxury Pet
* Never Naked Ned
* Never a Bad Hair Day

If you think your pet has what it takes, join the contest now Smile

Which category is your pet? Mine’s the Orphaned transformed and Inseparable couple.


Till then!




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