Monday, May 21, 2012

Guided by Angels


Hello everyone! It’s another manic Monday and I did not have enough rest last weekend. I had fun in my BF’s 29th celebration last Saturday. The party finished past 2 am and I was relieved to arrive home and jump on my bed, for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning at around 9 am, our house helper woke me up frantically and told me to wake up. My mom met an accident, a couple of streets away from our house. It was a bad accident that could turn really ugly and it was only my mom inside the car. She got hit by a speeding Vios car, with a driver named Prescian Tejada



Now, dear Attorney dad, I know you may be an Attorney, but I am not an idiot. Your son acted so guilty as he kept avoiding me and my sister. Guilty much? And of course you would defend yourself, telling me that my mom was the one over speeding. Seriously? All the witnesses who saw the accident said that the Vios, meaning YOU! were the one over speeding. With 6 or with 8 people inside. TSK!

We are just thankful that my mom is okay. No blood, or broken bones. She is definitely loved by her Angel. Thank you


Till then!




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