Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrating my BF’s 29th


Here’s what happened in my man’s “2 day” birthday celebration.

I paid him a surprise visit last Friday in his office, and good thing my plan worked.


I also got to see his new awesome laptop which was a birthday gift to him.  Lucky!


Everyone was tied up with work and Martin was pretty busy talking with his programmer. What the kitty does? Well play with his laptop of course, hehe. I was also just in time because he ordered pizza for the office. You can find more information about Gorky’s in my other blog.


Cakes are a big deal for us especially on birthdays. I bought him a Tentazione cake which costs P700 for a whole cake.  It was actually my sister and her BF Jimmy who introduced me to this flavor.


I’m just happy that I was able to surprise him on his actual birthday, May 18 2012. 


                         Gigil Hug~

The next day was a busy day. Our first plan was to go to SM Makati to buy some groceries for the party. Before heading to the car park, I happened to pass by the beauty section bazaar and saw a Kustie stall. I immediately bought the Kustie travel pack in strawberry.


This year was celebrated differently. First of, it was held in our friend’s house and second of all, the cake was customized. He wanted a customized cake for his birthday and of course the theme has to be related to gaming.

The piece de resistance’


Yes, that IS a cake and 95% of it are edible! A God of War cake! Now I’m thinking a theme for my birthday. Perhaps a Mortal Kombat theme? Dungeon hunter alliance? Or a Cat playing with a PS3? Hmmmm.


The guests that came, thank you so much.


Blowing his gigantic cake


Blowing my mini cake, it looked like a joke next to his GOW~


If you’re curious whose responsible for the GOW cake creation, I introduce to you, Joy and Edwin with their first ever epic cake.


You can check out their website: Captain’s Mix and Magic

Facebook Page: Captain’s Mix and Magic 

You can also follow them in twitter: Captain’s Mix and Magic


Till then!





  1. Whoa! Awesome cake. 

    Happy 29th to the bf. :)

  2. Whoa! Awesome cake. 

    Happy 29th to the bf. :)

  3. Thanks Eye Candy :)

    yup it was :)

  4. awww sweet!

  5. thank you :)

  6. i love the God of War cake. and that decadent cake from caramia. 

    happy birthday bro. 


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