Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping: Finally bought Kustie and random babblings


Shopping is always fun and I did just that yesterday before heading home from Mandarin Hotel. I went to SM Makati and it’s always nice to go shopping to the mall when it’s just opened.

The real reason why I wanted to go to SM Makati beauty section, was because I’ve been wanting to buy the Kustie brightening+whitening body scrub. Among other things, we already ran out of hand soap. Good thing the hand soap and the Kustie was on sale.


I got the green tea variant and it costs P159. It smells nice, although the scent is quite strong, almost close to a perfume. 


The original price (from what I remember) of the Kustie scrub is P299, luckily yesterday, I got a tub for only P239.


I’m really loving this scrub so far and for the price, personally I think it’s worth it.

On other things, this Kitty had her haircut a few weeks ago. I’m not happy about it, but my boyfriend says that he likes it. I was supposed to go to my regular salon (bench fix) but I had to wait for almost an hour to have my haircut. I went to David’s Salon in Alpha land Mall. This photo was taken a few days ago with my camera phone only.


It’s been a slow week, thankfully tomorrow’s Friday and I can’t wait. It’s my man’s special day tomorrow but he’ll be celebrating his birthday on Saturday. There’s a special cake that he requested and I’m so excited to see the end product. Of course, that will be posted in my food blog. Till my next post! Next week, I will post about my review for the Canon T3 Rebel 1100D.

The cats are having a slow week as well. Mine’s getting fat too!



Till then!





  1. I love your sparkly headband. 

    My cats haven't been moving much the past few months and they're getting plumper by the day. 

  2. Thanks Eye Candy :)

    Well fat cats are too adorable, hehe. 

  3. hey how was martin's birthday celebration, saang resto kayo nagpunta. 

  4. @Engrjohnraycabrera : it was fun, currently blogging about it. 


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