Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first Snoe purchase


Yesterday, I was out with my sister to help her buy a gift and a cake for his boyfriend for his birthday today. Since I’ve been lemming in trying Snoe products, I decided to buy the Snoe whitening soap at Cinderella.

Ever since Snoe products came out in the market, I’ve been really curious about their products and It’s great that I can buy Snoe products in Glorietta. The salesman in charge of the small kiosk inside Cinderella was very friendly. I ended up buying one product, which is the Snoe White Extra strength glutathione beauty bar.

Anyhow, here’s my very first Snoe product.



Quite frankly, this is the most expensive soap that I’ve used since I use regular bar soaps like Silka and Dove which cost not more than 50 pesos. This purchase can be considered a splurge already.

Regardless, I’m still excited to try this! I’m a sucker for whitening products for the body. Next time I will buy the magic apple scrub something


Any Snoe product recommendations? share okay?


Till then!





  1. Ma. Bergita AsuncionMay 12, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    let us know if that is a good buy ha... im using dove now and i welcome the creaminess of the soap.

    hair heroes pa lang natry ko ko which i can say is hiyangan... didnt work for me..  :(

  2. sure, will update you sis. I like Dove too because it really makes my skin soft.

    I'm not big on hair products

  3. oy oy oy... saan to nabibili. :) bili rin ako nito. 

  4. @Engrjohnraycabrera : Cinderella, ground floor near the cashier. You won't miss it


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