Monday, May 28, 2012

What was supposed to be posted last Friday



Happy Monday everyone!  Another week ahead and a lot had happened this weekend for this kitty. Last Friday, my older sister gave me a new set of earrings from the Fashion Week event. The design is okay, but what drew me to it was the name.



This is my first set of accessories from AVON, and from what I know is that their accessories don’t tarnish. What I like about the Feline fantasy  are the black studded gems or whatever you call it.  Although, it can be little fancy to wear everyday, but I’d probably wear it on formal days.

Thanks again for my sister Julia for giving me a sweet gift. I was as usual excited for last Saturday to arrive as it’s my man and I’s quality time together. Not only that, it was the KOMIKON event which we were looking forward to. We also got to spend time with our dearest friend Stacy which was loads of fun. Will post what happened on my next blog post.


These kitties are my sisters. The kittens are up for adoption I think, such cuties and I’m getting attached to them already. Sigh~


Till then!





  1. That IS an eye-catching name for earrings.

    I love teh kittehs! :D

  2. It is, specially for cat lovers. Thanks :)


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