Monday, June 18, 2012

My MAFBEX 2012 Experience


Happy Monday dear readers! I would like to share my MAFBEX experience last week, which my sister and I attended last week at the World Trade Center.

It was actually more of a school requirement for her, and also because I wanted to get out and check out possible contacts for machines and supplies for our food business.

We were able to see the whole event area on the first hall, which was full of food, kitchen, baking supplies, machines and everything you need and want. The second hall was for events and free seminars.


Tickets costs P100, although I’m not sure if it’s for the whole 5 day duration of the event, since I was only able to attend the first day of MAFBEX.

Some booths that I was able to take photos of can be seen below.


This one I like and more of a need – juice machine



Fun aprons from AmBouche’d


My sister Amanda

And us while waiting for a seminar – Entrepreneurship 101


The seminar was very good and I’m glad to have attended it with my sister. My only beef about is, is the poor location. The seminar rooms were placed at the same area of the events section, where students were so loud because of the flair event (something).

The speaker was very good (Mr. Angelo Lacson) and I learned a lot of new insights about food business.


I just have to say something about two areas which we did not like about the event.

First point: Signing of attendance for students

I’ve experienced executing 2 events, and one of the top priorities would be security. I understand that, however I find it a hassle for students to be signing in, in the entrance area only.

The exit was way back and in order to sign out for the attendance sheet, you have to go back in the entrance and then go out all the way back at the exit. The signing out attendance sheet for students should be at the exit area not just the entrance. My sister and I was a bit irritated and I had to argue with the security, how much of a hassle it was.

Second point: Location of seminar rooms

The seminar rooms were badly located near the events area. People were rowdy and noisy and there were even fireworks. Oh my goodness really?! I felt bad for the speaker as he had to compete with the noise.

Aaannd that’s it!

As much as I would like to stay, my sister had to attend her 6pm class that day. Overall, I still enjoyed attending MAFBEX as there were so many products to see and try!

Of course my adventure isn’t complete with food finds, which will be posted in my other food blog~



Till then!





  1. looking forward to the food post :D

  2. Thanks Kate :)


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