Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carb Trim! I know I can!


Trying out something new….

Carb Trim



I chose the lemon flavored carb trim, as for the taste it reminds me of wheat grass. It’s not really delicious but if it will help me slim down, it’s worth a shot right?

As for results, I’ll try this out for 2 months and then we will see. I’ve been hitting the bike again…. Will post results in 2 months. Let’s just say, it’s my make or break and I want to feel good about myself. I know I can do it, I can!

I also bought a couple of things to go with the drink…

I’m happy about Xenical’s price roll back! One capsule costs P35 only.


This may seem superficial, but hey if it works, it works :P



Till then!





  1. go for it kitten! ay wait, you were already going for it in your twitter posts. anyways,  aja!

    will wait for your results post. have someone who might want to try what you're doing.  ginawa ka ba namang guinea cat. hehehe.


  2. Thanks salmon cat! yup! hahahaha, lol. di naman.

    thanks for commenting :)


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