Monday, July 30, 2012

The Kitty say’s Meow, I’m back!


After almost 2 months of no blog posts, I just dropped by to say I’m alive!

Hello dear readers, I hope everyone is doing fine. I wasn’t really out of reach since, I still read blogs of the people I follow in my blog roll. I just haven’t had the time and slightly lost interest on posting about reviews on Skin care and whatsoever. It’s almost been two months too that I haven’t posted any pictures in my Facebook as well. So, I guess I’m “back” again.

So what has been eating up Kitty’s time? Well, on weekdays, I’m busy with my food business and on weekends, I’m pretty much tired from a week’s worth of some demanding customers and planning the menu every week that I stay home watch television, read, write and sometimes hang out at the mall.

I’ve been pretty busy with my current book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Well, that pretty much leaves a hint why I’m reading this book right? :P


Anyway, I like to keep all my hullabaloos in my life private so I’ll just post photos of a recent purchase and family time :)

I’m curious about HN’s moisturizing night cream and I was happy to have purchased it a few weeks ago, along with the much raved Sunflower beauty oil. You can type in the product’s name and you can pretty much see a lot of reviews about it.


My family and I always go out every Sunday to attend worship and have lunch outside, but it was only yesterday that I took bonding photos for my family album.

My family and I before watching The Dark Knight Rises, which is amazingly awesome by the way!

1-New folder










And my favorite photo of me and my sister Amanda


Another storm is in so I hope all you folks stay safe and warm~



Till then!





  1. meow! dedicated businesswoman na you ha. Next thing we'll know, Jollibee's wanting to buy your business na. 

  2. Nice to see a post from you again kitty sister. :D kitty lover here myself. if you have some time and share your reviews on the night cream. that'd be awesome. been eyeing that one too. :D what's your food biz? just curious. nice family bonding pics

  3. @twitter-65003830:disqus : hahaha, grabe di naman. thanks :)

  4. Hello @BelleB:disqus , I know you are a kitty lover too! I'll see what I can do about the Night cream ;)

    As for the food business, it's like a food to go thing. Thanks 


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