Sunday, March 28, 2010

ELF Studio

Make-up talk time, I was able to buy new make-up from E.L.F Studio, was with BF at SM Makati where we bought my stuff. And I was like a kid in the candy store, BF said: sige hun, just enjoy! And I did! Well, I had limited budget so I opted to check out ELF’s new product ELF Studio, for the longest time It was just now that I was able to buy a eyebrow kit, I learned about this through Michelle Phan’s video and got interested.






Besides the eyebrow kit, I also bought an SPF15 lip gloss also from ELF and an eye concealer & high lighter



Image0549                                                P249

I was able to try this and I find the high lighter has a very subtle effect on it.

Also other stuff I bought:



                 The slippers comes free when you buy 4 products from them

I’m still experimenting on how to do perfect eyebrows, although as Michelle Phan said, your eyebrows should look like sisters not twins.

For the lip gloss, it has a watermelon scent which I like and the color is perfect too.

The Lola make-up has caught my eye, wasn’t able to take a picture of their store but I like their packaging but gives the impression that it’s expensive, something I’d definitely save for. It’s funny that the Twilight movie has their own make-up line too, next time I’ll take more pictures. Well, that’s my make-up haul for the week.

Till next time!



  1. I found your ELF post na! Is the lip gloss too oily or tama lang? I find the one from lip ice a bit oily kasi. Or maybe I'm just not used to gloss. teehee... But if you say that it's good then I'm going to try it!

  2. Hi ulit! I was checking my godfather's email when I left the other comment! Haha! i'm not sure what account went through when I hit publish. baka lang it's the lawyer's email add. lagot ako! haha!

  3. @Lady E: If I'm going to compare the ELF to the lip ice, lip ice is too oily. payoff color of the ELF is really good and has a watermelon scent. Really nice, but that's me ha? you can try it and let me know if you like the ELF Lipgloss. Kasi your a lipstick and lip balm person eh.

    Hahaha! lagot ka, I hope hindi. :)

  4. You just said the magic words - less oily than lip ice! I'm going to bug the bf to buy me all the colors of elf! wahahahaha!

  5. @Lady E: Ganun? hehehe, ako I like it. Just haven't finished mine yet. And the pink color is really nice. Uy, go go go tell the BF to buy them all, tapos post mo agad.


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