Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Saturdays and a successful fried rice


Hmmmm, I just love a relaxing, lazy Saturday! Even my cats are lazy too, hehe. Here’s proof.

Image1081   His name is Piccolo, 1 year old 6 months old, half persian and half domestic cat.

  Anyways, I was wrecking my brain out earlier figuring what to cook for dinner for the family. I bought cream dory which I think is cheap, it cost me P195 for 3 large pieces at Shopwise and other ingredients for Sundays dinner. There was still some beef strips in the fridge which I cooked for lunch, but since I was left home alone, there was still a lot left since I just had koko crunch for lunch. I was in the mood for making fried rice for dinner and ingredients I used were; carrots, lots of garlic, onion springs, white onions, left over beef, and egg. Here’s how it turned out, I’m impressed myself, my sister loved it a lot!


Image1085 Well of course picture quality sucks, forgive me. I will soon invest on a decent digital camera.

And to accompany it with something, since there’s beef in it, I thought this would be a  nice condiment to it. I’ve seen this before already but never dared to try it, but when I saw this at bitsandtreats (Lady E’s blog), I’m confident that this tasted good, and it is. Inside the packet it consists of the following; noodles, soup base, seasoning and nori strips. After the noodles has been cooked, top it with the nori strips and as soon as it hits the hot soup, you can instantly smell the nori, yumm~

Image1086                   Image1082                                                                             P33.50

  This one is so worth your money and a must try. The taste is quite mild, and I find the noodles chewy (in a good way) which I like a lot. Instant noodles from JAPAN are FTW! (for the win).

As for my fried rice, it was a success too! I put some ketchup and soysauce too that explains the brownish color. Finally for so long, my fried rice is a success, haha.

Till next time!


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