Friday, July 09, 2010

Sweet surprise to start the morning


  Lovely Friday my readers! How are you all doing so far? any plans for the weekend? As for me, I'll  be staying home and rest up.

   This morning definitely made me smile (awww moment), I was pleasantly surprised to see a small note and something else from BF in my drawer. Actually, it wasn’t the first time, the first surprise was a few months ago, as soon as I got in the office our friend called me and handed me a personalized card from him she says.  It was sooo cute.


                The very first surprise (BF’s drawing of a cute kitty, we both love cats)

  Image1071            A small keychain with sand from Bora, It’s cute actually and since I love keychains I definitely love this little surprise from him. When I opened my drawer it looked like this:


Image1077                                                           A closer look at the note

  Simple things make me happy and I definitely appreciate the small stuff he does to surprise me, unexpected.


  Btw, in one of my previous post, I mentioned that I love Country style’s Cherry Crueller, here’s what it looks like

Image1075                                                          Cherry Crueller P25.00

  This is what I usually order now. Outside I like how the sugar hardened a bit or is it some sort of sugar icing? As for the cherry taste, It has a very mild taste. If you’re expecting to have that cherry taste, you’d be disappointed. But for me, I like it, I think a better option to the Nutty Caramel. hehe.

I’m thinking of which restaurant to eat for next week, since BF and I will be going out on a date, so I can make a review about it.

Till then!



  1. according to one of the guy djs over at rx93.1, with all the technology, it's a big deal if a guy sends a girl written letters nowadays. happy for you kitten. cute cat pic.

  2. cute cat pic. according to one of the guy djs over at rx93.1, with all the technology, a letter from a guy is a big deal nowadays. happy for you kitten.

  3. @Salmoncat: It is, well he prefers handwritten letters. Thank you ^_^


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