Saturday, August 07, 2010

Introducing the New Nokia N8 ♥




I know, I know! I swear this is the last time I’ll be falling in love with a phone. First was the LG Cookie, then to Nokia C3 and now THIS! It’s sooo much like the N900 but waaay better, now that it has a Symbian 3 OS which is more easier to play around with. It has 12MP camera, thinner than N900 and everything about it is ♥ even if my favorite color isn’t available in this phone I would definitely go with this. I just love taking pictures for personal stuff or for my blog and of course going online at the comfort of my bed.


  Interested to know the features of the phone? watch this ;)


  1. The first thing I said when I read the title was, "may bago ka na namang phone?!" haha!

  2. @Lady E: Haha! I sure wish, but I really hope I can get to review this baby though.


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