Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Kitty addict is me!


  Hello my readers? I missed blogging, my memory  card may be corrupted that’s why I can’t transfer files anymore, darn it!

  Anyway, It was my 2nd time around to visit Southland gate mall in Pasong Tamo Makati, near the MRT station, which is sooo convenient. BF recently resigned in our company and embarked a better opportunity for him, the good thing about it is, it’s somewhat close to my house and where I travel to work and with that we can meet up after his work and have dinner together. First of all, before I reveal this upcoming haul, may I just say that I’m lovin’ the Southland Alphagate mall, it’s new actually and the Jollibee branch there is really nice, the ladies room is clean too, so I hope they keep it that way not just because it’s new. BF and I love the ambiance, very cozy. I wasn’t able to take pictures though, maybe next time. There are restaurants like, Chowking, Terriayki Boy, Goldilocks, food court, Tapa King, Jollibee, Le Couer de France and a few more. They also have a Super8 grocery where I heard is cheaper by a few pesos. There’s a lot more to see, usual stuff we see at other malls, but there are still a few vacant spots. What I love about it more is that, the mall in all floors are really cozy, not that cold but not hot. I’ll take more pictures next time. Anyway, we visited Daiso and it was LOVE! Here’s what I found and plan to buy this Friday! It’s a must!

 Image0898                                                         LOVE the pink signage


Image0889     The first thing I saw at the window was this, and I was hypnotized by it. I’ve been meaning to find something like this for the longest time. BF said I was like a kid in a daze, haha.

Image0891                                Hello Kitty bowls 2 for P66 ONLY! WILL BUY!

   So that was the first one and thought that was about it, no more Hello Kitty stuff , but then as we went inside there were more. This time, another thing I’ve been searching for ever since I entered my new work. Boss has the same coffee mug but a different design.

Image0890                                                                   Isn’t that cute?

Image0885   There are actually different designs, but these were the only open ones at that time. I think this is the one that I might buy, but the one in the other boxes looked much cuter.

Image0887              Hello Kitty headset anyone? I’m also thinking of buying this

Image0888                                                  I think it’s P66.00 or P88.00 

  If you have a netbook, they also have laptop skins in different designs



  Seriously, I think I’ll be broke again this paycheck, so I really need to think hard about this one, I know my laptop is not a netbook, but it’s Hello Kitty hun! hehe.

  Here’s one thing I found, it’s not Hello Kitty, but still is a cat ^_^

Image0896                                                   Some sort of cat key holder

  Oh my trip to Daiso earlier was HAVEN! lot’s of hello kitty stuff, there were even fork and spoons, but that’s too much already, or maybe next time again? HEHE.. BF found something nice for his netbook though, pretty good I think

Image0892                                                                  Netbook pouch

The feel is quite nice and comfy for the netbook, what’s good about it? it’s only P88 bucks, more cheaper than the one they have at CD-R King. 

  So there goes my great find for the week, I’ll be doing some hauling this Friday and I can’t wait. As I’m typing right now, I’m still so happy that I’ve found these at Southland Mall ♥.

Till then!



  1. I've been making the rounds of daiso after i lost my soft-grip scissors (i got them from the one at Market-Market). But they're out of stock na. Even Saizen's soft-grip ones' handles are not as soft. You wouldn't happen to notice if this branch has those?

  2. @salmoncat: Hmm, I'm not so sure though, the only scissors I noticed was the one with glitters. I'll check it out again when I can ;)

  3. thanks kitten. i've already checked market2, trinoma and edsa central branches. but don't exert effort on my account. mukhang wala na kasi talaga siya.

  4. @salmoncat: I see, maybe so. ^_^


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