Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nokia E72 – Phone impressions and other features


  A relaxing Sunday to all! As promised, I will do my  best to make an in-depth review of a day to day basis with the Nokia E72. I had a chance to play with the phone today and before anything else, I have to admit, I love the phone so much, it suits my needs, love the style but the price as I saw in the mall does not love me that much. Hahahaha!

  First Impressions with the E72

  Physical design:

  •  Stunningly sleek and thin – the metal cover gives it a nice Ooomph to it! does not look tacky at all.
  • QWERTY layout is very nice, not really that small even if you have big fingers. The feel of the qwerty is very durable.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy at all.
  • Looks very professional but not complicated which is a MAJOR plus for me.

     Features / Basic specs:

  • Speakers are averagely good, not too loud or soft, just right.
  • It has a flashlight – very bright
  • 5MP LED with flash, front camera – YES front camera!
  • Panoramic view – will check further
  • 128MB RAM, 256MB phone, microSD up to 16GB
  • 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB
  • 2.36” screen, 320×240 pixels
  • 1500mAh battery


  • Symbian OS v9.3 – on first hand it was really fairly easy to use, compared with the N900 which was confusing for me at first.

    Here’s how the main menu homepage looks like

download                                                                  Simplified!

You can switch to Personal use or Business use (the one with the arrow black and white thumbnail.) I think if email is one of the things that is important for you, this phone will suit you well. My contact says, she uses this phone for her emailing business, I get what she means now.

  Other features:

  Basically, here’s how facebook will look like *images were taken via internet

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta now supports Nokia E63 E71 and E72-2                          If you prefer a full view HTML sorry, not in this phone :(

  My needs for a phone sure has changed, before I just wanted a basic phone with a good MP3 player, blue tooth and a decent camera. But now, i didn’t realize that I needed a phone to browse stuff online basically – ANYWHERE with a good wifi hot spot in malls or at work. And as a blogger, I need a good quality camera for my blog posts a decent 5MP sure is fine with me.

   Well anyway continuing with the phone features, here’s how the menu would look like


I was also able to try the email, and it works fine, I couldn’t figure out the email set up as seen in the main menu, so I opted to just search it in the internet thumbnail and it worked. I just saved it as bookmark so it would be easy for me next time I check.

office This is the office menu, and my favorite here would be the Dictionary feature, just type in the word and you have a portable dictionary within your reach, very accessible if I may say.


   I was hoping that this phone supports Skype like the N900 since most of my friends are on skype but then again at least it supports Yahoo Messenger, I had to download this via the OVI store which was pretty easy to install actually.


  BF and I chatted with our phones last night and it was sure convenient to chat in my room, love WIFI!

   Other things I downloaded through OVI store is the SIM CITY app, it works fine, though I have to get how the game works first, but what’s important that it runs smoothly. Another thing which I tried was the youtube feature, I searched for my favorite song, which is the Bang Bang by Knaan and I’m impressed, loading was sure fast, music was loud enough but I noticed that you can’t watch videos with it. Hmm?

  For my social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, email it works perfectly fine. I also tried if I can surf and was happy that it works with the E72. So it covers all my basic needs which is definitely great!

  I am enjoying the phone definitely and will try to see what else is new or interesting to feature with the E72.

Till then!


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