Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nokia E72 – my 2nd phone review


  Happy Weekend my readers! How did the week end for you? Mine has been great! I was granted another phone review and this time, it’s a kind of phone that’s close to what I’ll be buying soon. Huge thanks to WOM/World Nokia, Paul and Katie. So here’s the happy girl who got her package yesterday at BF’s office.

27082010007    I planned to have my identity to be a secret but then again! haha! Hello eye bags! XD This was at Jollibee Alphaland where we had dinner. For some reason, I was more excited now than my first N900 review (I don’t know why).

27082010008                                   BF took a picture of me unpacking the package

27082010009      I was like OMG! A different box? I was expecting a torn, used up box like with the N900. I thought all reviewers/ bloggers get that kind of box since it’s just for trial.

27082010010                                      Swwwweeeeeet! looks like a brand new box

27082010013         Okay, when I saw this, why did I fall in love with this phone instantly?

Closer look of the phone itself:


27082010015    Then I fell in love even more, it was so sleek, shiny and looks so professional ♥

Other surprises inside the box that I wasn’t expecting at all were these:

27082010018         It comes with a white pouch and white phone accessory. It also came with a 4GB Mini SD card with it, I didn’t have to use my sd card in my phone. I really felt pampered, giving me accessories like these and up to this point, I wonder why? They could just give me the same box like before. Because, I am loving the phone even more, why? look further how the phone looks like.

27082010019                                                                        Blue tooth 

  This is pretty okay, the feel when in your ear  is a bit wobbly. I tried listening to music with it and it’s very clear. I have yet to try calling someone with this device.

27082010016                                                   Other accessories in the box 

*the first clear photos were taken by BF with the Nokia N97 mini head on over to Proud2beGeek's blog here

More photos of the unit using my 5130 XpressMusic phone:


Image1235         Very slim, but honestly I would’ve preferred the black over the white one. 

Image1236               Back part, the case is steel very shiny and easy to remove


First few things I was able to try were taking pictures, it was rather slow but not bad since it  has a 5MP with LED, texting feature is different. I thought it was the same as with the N900 messaging feature but I didn’t mind. Third is music, the music player is far more better than the N900, but I still have to check out a few things about it. Fourth is surfing, well of course it’s only good for browsing, since my needs are mostly just browsing the net like Facebook, Twitter and email, the E72 serves well. You can’t chat though, unlike the N900, but it’s okay since I’m always in the office anyway. It’s just a matter of finding a good wifi spot and update your social networks.

I am still setting up the email, I can’t seem to browse it for now, would have to check the manual I guess or google it. I think this phone is good for when you need email on the go. And what’s good about a QWERTY phone? Texting is faster indeed. By the way, this phone has a flash light feature which is so bright, a good plus for me when I need to go to the bathroom at night, because light switch is too far. If you can notice the middle part (black button), it works as a sensor, which I find it weird, though you may need the sensor when taking pictures (zooming).

For a blogger this phone can be good for a phone and camera in 1 (more pictures coming up.)

So far for the calling feature BF’s end seems pretty clear, voice reduction maybe? Not so sure, will test it out more for 2 weeks. It seems that this phone, features and style fits my personality. Waaaaa! I don’t want to get too attached, I may be a DATE sufferer sooner or later, haha.


So that’s day 1! I will still test the email set up and post features for E72

Anyone owns this phone? how long  has it been with you? Care to share?


Till then!



  1. New phone na naman?? Next time nyan you'll have a gadget blog na! = )

  2. @Lady E: Hehehe, you're funny talaga. Not so sure about that. ^_^


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