Monday, August 30, 2010

Nokia E72 review – camera testing


   Hello everyone! It’s a Monday and it’s a holiday here in the Philippines, though I still have to go to work but I don’t mind since I get paid for it.

    Here’s another post review about the Nokia E72, first off all I stand corrected when I said that the E72 doesn’t support the Skype app, it actually does and it works pretty fine, though I have to admit I prefer the Skype feature in the N900, as for the E72, I prefer using the Yahoo Messenger chat.


                  I tried taking pictures, here’s how it would look like:

29082010016                                            My Cat Tabby with flash low light

29082010017                                                Normal Indoor light, no flash 

30082010024                                  My Piccolo, no light with flash – not bad

28082010005                               The blue tooth, no flash, office indoor lights

  Mostly, I’ve done Indoor photos only will try to shoot outdoors by tomorrow. So far, the camera quality is really good. BF and I loves the camera quality definitely, as for me I’d hope there would be more artistic camera settings, like lighting and stuff. 

   As for the battery life, it lasts for 2 days max with texting, calling, browsing and taking photos, not bad. Battery life is the most important factor, but I’ll try to do some testing again with music player and see how long it will last me. I don’t want to mess with the phone that much since it is not mine, but gawd! I’d really love to have this phone so bad, haha. Now I’m sounding like I won’t be returning this noh? haha, of course I will! It’s just a part of me loving this phone so much and slowly getting attached to it. That’s the bad part of being a reviewer I guess, but then at least it makes you think of what product to buy, test out for quality, blah blah blah. So, that’s all for now, will try to see other things about the phone.


Till then!


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